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    I am new to the forums so I thought I’d share my set up Klipsch KLF 30 Klipsch KSW 15 Carver A-500X Carver CT-25.1 If you have any questions About the set up or tips let me know from Ontario 🇨🇦🇨🇦
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    take care of it , it sure is a very powerful and very fine System , it's great to see that you can appreciate your Father's legacy -------Welcome to the Forum -Zach
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    Had a lil fun w/my buddy earlier since he took the day off. He likes Rory Gallagher so sweetened him up with this his 3rd from 1972! Ha! That softened him up a bit then I slammed him w/a lil Felix and the boys nailin "Nantucket Sleigh Ride." Left him clueless but not speechless. Had to ask who it was. hahaha Mountain's second lp from 1974. Slipped in this one and then he was really shakin his head cause he's heard it before. Hahaha! Always good for a laff when he stops. He's jammin and learnin! Off on a beer run he said. lolol
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    What's the other consideration😂 It's just simple raw R&R and lots of energy if you ever saw the almost first group of guys that made up the legendary AC\DC. Great Mountain promo LP there! * @MicroMara Sink your lately funky chops into #5 Sin City
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    there´s no difference or ?
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    Keep in mind that guardian angels top out at around 200 km/hr or around 125 mph. If you’re going faster than that, you’re on your own...
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    I put my bike under a car... damp pavement - concrete. A low speed "crash"...When I realized I wasn't going to stop [slowly], I kicked it out. Bike was still running when I dragged it out from under the rear of the car. I don't think the driver knew anything was happening. I've had enough close calls to slow my skinny butt down. think I'm ready for that Honda Trail 90 my dad wanted for me
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    I'm pretty confident in my skills, it's the crazy cage drivers that scare me. I very seldom ever ride into the city, it's usually always towards the country, fresh air, scenery, friendly people that draw me away from the crowds. I always gear up....leather jacket, gloves, boots, and a full face helmet (and ear plugs) ATGATT....All The Gear ALL The Time.
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    Thanks for commenting guys I appreciate it I acquired the set up for my father he passed away in 2010 the system has been sitting since and got it hooked up around last November for the first time in 10 years didn’t realize he had such a passion for music I’ve always heard stories about him loving loud music
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    Well in case you're wondering about the Dave Grohl battle w/Nandi here's the latest response. Kids! Gotta love 'em though! lol
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    Does this Saint want to make a sinner of you? I suspect it might be too late...
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    my neighbor raised the 2 kids of his Son at age 5 and 6 , the Grandparents got there in time before the kids were given to adoption by the State , the kids came out great , they consider me as a Big Bother given we are very close and we all had supper together , today , these kids now have their own kids , and Life goes on -
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    On a hunch (gut feeling), I went to the local thriftstore and was very lucky. I found a champagne Marantz PM350 (1981). I hooked it up to my 1972 Heresy set. Lots of potential, but there as a cracking sound in the right hand channel when changing the volume and the balance. I still had to do some errands, so I bought a spray can of Deoxid. After opening, taking all the dust away and then applying deoxid on all contacts and pots, and rca connectors I am now in audio heaven. What I like a lot about the Marantz PM350 is the mini equalizer for bass, mid, and treble. A perfect companion for the Heresy speakers. Sound: warm and bright at the same time, lots of power in the bass! Excellent phono stage! Cost: Marantz PM350: €12 ($14) Can of Deoxid: €6.5 ($7.5)
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    Other thread reminded me that I haven't given these guys a listen in a while. Still haven't had enough power chords and riffs since the other night with the little discs. My favorite (their most awesome) release:
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    in those days , The best I had was the VF1000R ---and the CBX, , what a Fantastic Motor -
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    that's the problem. Told the boy to view everyone/everything as if they are going to try to kill you ... and right wrong or indifferent -- in a crash, you lose about I0` warmer this AM. Quite noticeable difference. Almost made 60 yesterday... average is 80. Be :normal tomorrow and mid 80's this weekend.
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    Nice rig for a punk kid 😏. You should be proud what you put together —
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    For sure , her closest family who cares for her , is all she needs -
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    That's more m's than you usually last.
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    Yes Lord I am a Sinner , but one of these will do also ----------TZ 750 -
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    For anyone who has read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the most important item in your travel kit, would be a towel. This guy tests out a few simple items for some DIY sound absorption panels and found that the towel works best. 👍
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    Cabs look OK from pic...has ported cabinet bass mods. Crossovers are ALK Universals. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/ele/d/auburn-modified-klipsch-la-scalas/7221421483.html
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    Here's another promo keeping with my current tangent:
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    do the blades float ? make one hell of a Pontoon boat...
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    listen to it every day cranked lol
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    Guess I´m the first german you met at your life and age ? Super cool your gear / your dad's gear. I started with this hobby at the age of 14 years, was infected by the HiFi virus. This disease accompanies you now until the end of your life..... Have fun & welcome .....
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    I never rode a CBX. I did own a 85 VF1000r, VF1000F, V45 Interceptor, VFR800fi, VF750 Interceptor....The single sided swingarm VFRs with gear driven cams were my favorite. I've been looking at newer VFR1200s lately. Always wanted a Blackbird also...and a Superhawk....and a.........
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    They could be repurposed by clever people. Good find Gilbert, thanks. " "One start-up, Global Fiberglass Solutions, developed a method to break down blades and press them into pellets and fiber boards to be used for flooring and walls. The company started producing samples at a plant in Sweetwater, Texas, near the continent’s largest concentration of wind farms. It plans another operation in Iowa. “We can process 99.9% of a blade and handle about 6,000 to 7,000 blades a year per plant,” said Chief Executive Officer Don Lilly. The company has accumulated an inventory of about one year’s worth of blades ready to be chopped up and recycled as demand increases, he said. “When we start to sell to more builders, we can take in a lot more of them. We’re just gearing up.”
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    Hey Bill, Willybob, Grasshopper.....would this be fast enough....https://hiconsumption.com/dodge-tomahawk-worlds-fastest-motorcycle/
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    That's how it was this morning here. 99% humidity at the house. A front blew through an hour or two ago and the temp is steadily dropping.
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    Sound transmission(from one area space to the next) or absorption(the stopping of reflections back into the space where the sound came from)? They are not the same. A 6" thick slab of concrete between his source and microphone would measure better in his test.
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    listen to what my dad used to listen to classic rock like Van Halen and stuff lol I listen to classic rock at lot it just sounds the best on the system usually I listen to the music when she’s not home but she doesn’t mind it at all
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    I do a lot of rehab work (on houses). I was in the middle of one when I had my knee replaced. I asked the doctor if I could have my old knee. He asked me what I was going to do with it I told him I was going to hide it in the wall I was rebuilding. Whenever I knock down one, I am hoping for buried treasure, or some type of mystery uncovered. Never have found either. Thought it would be fun to think about what someone thought when they knock out the wall and find my old worn out knee hiding there. He wouldn't give it to me.
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    A friend had a Kawasaki H2 750 triple. Widowmaker asked if I wanted to give it a spin ..."NO!"
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    Really, that driver didn't know? More I think about it the more I realize I did have a guardian angel most of my life ! That hundred horsepower bike was one of the biggest thrills in my life, but those two times I scared myself with it! Only comparable exhilaration rush to it was a V-8 Vega I rode in once that was faster than the 65 goat my friend had. Jetliners taking off are a big rush too, but when you are controlling the power it is more real.
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    They are pretty quick aren't they @grasshopper! Fortunate that nothing like that occurred with me, then again I only had that or the other bike for about five years so there wasn't enough time for every variable to occur. Those pine needles, then when the cop told me...after looking at my license proving I lived less than two blocks away from the other side of the Main St. bridge that I could not go across it because of black college week? I had to go three miles up then cross and go three back on the beachside to get home? After working ten hours in the FL heat riding all the way back from Orlando? Was thoroughly pissed, young and cocky, popped the clutch, the front wheel went over my head while the back tire screeched... I hung on, eased back off the throttle and was 100 yards away in 1.5 seconds!
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    sometimes peripheral vision doesn't help. I hit a rabbit that ran from off the road toward the bike. It missed the front wheel and went under the bike, Got run over by the rear. About put me over the handlebars at 50mph. Guess I was lucky. And figure I've used all of that up
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    & that is why I rode ahead of the traffic in Orlando when I could... so my peripheral vision was enough. Wouldn't help if someone came from behind at 115 but the mirrors did work. We've had 80s here while I've been researching SS stuff with the impending changes in my life. Now back to the wet, foggy 50 - 60 degree yuck the past couple of days. @dtel & family plus all the others within close proximity to the gulf, be vigilant. At least these storms this year have not been monstrous wind-wise, know the rain has been bad.
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    Yeah all I had at 15 was an Emerson all-in-one deal with built in plastic turntable and 8 track player. Sorry about your dad, but he left you set up pretty good. Shakey
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    Sneaky top third shot
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    Welcome Very nice, and it's even better since it was your dads. He listened to it just like you do. .
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    For sure Randy will definitely take care of it don’t worry it gets used
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    I didn’t see this until just now (unfortunately). Rocco Prestia, bassist for Tower of Power past away September 29, 2020. This one hits me a little harder than most, for several reasons. 1) We’re about the same age – months apart. 2) A number of years ago one of the best musicians and guitar player I ever knew and played with said to me “Man, you smoked it! That was just like Rocco Prestia!” when we finished the set and left the stage. Personally, I don't think I've ever played as well as Rocco, and never will. But, it's nice to get that kind of respect. See you at that great gig in the sky Rocco!!!
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    Hey Pat, I didn't know you raced bikes. That endurance race sounds like a blast. You were all in with a team like that. I started going to track days at the age of 45, 12 years ago, then started racing 2 years later. I did about 30 track days, and 8-10 races. The trackways were with Nesba (N2 now) and STT. I raced with WERA. I started track days on a CBR600, then to an RC51, but I raced an SV650 Lightweight Superbike. I never won a race, but I always finished higher than I started. I had a blast. I did one race at Nelson. I liked the layout, but the surface was very bad. I raced at Grattan( Michigan) Barber (Alabama) Rd Atlanta, and VIR. I did a lot of trackways at Putnam Park, about an hour west of Indy. I went to the Moto-America (old AMA) races at Indy a couple of weeks ago. They had a new series called Vintage Superbike. That's pre 1984 Superbikes and vintage race bikes. It's not a race, exhibition only, but you know those guys want to perform well. I hope to do the Indy round next year if they're still doing it....imagine racing at the Brickyard! I've heard a lot of good things about Mosport. James (Woofers and Tweeters) on here raced WERA also. I believe he raced in A Superbike....the fast guys. I think he even won or got very close to a championship.
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