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  1. Everything in the audio path has a signature, whether or not you allow it to matter to you and to what extent you will go through to address that is up to you. It's the hell and beauty of highly revealing horn speakers and I wouldn't have it any other way. Copper vs. silver vs. tin, Philips family factory tubes vs. American vs. modern production. (and all the flavors within them), caps of all kinds and formulas galore. It's because I put my money into speakers that I had to start putting money and time in to the GEAR that feeds them. Part of the deal........
  2. I want in on one of these. PM cometh........
  3. Did you furnish the original Forte cabs or were they cabs he had and then just sold the whole works restored as pictured here? I am just finishing complete component rebuilds on three Cornwall pairs here, and short of the veneer they are as good as I can make them. I have thought about having these cabs reveneered in the future but they have everything else they will need for the next 50 years. So I do have that curiosity as to a potential "suitor" to reveneer my cabs but would want them to be MY cabs (no trades) and wouldn't need the inner components replaced, short of maybe the "batting" for sound absorption. I love the character of these old builds and thoroughly love having them in reworked condition. The Forte is one of Klipsch's all time greats; that speaker had a balance in its presentation that made it sooooooo good for sooooo many who couldn't necessarily handle the bigger stuff. Outstanding.
  4. Yeah, that's the thing about using Cranky's crossovers in Cornwalls, in that if all goes right they won't be seen for another 10 years (and that only because of being totally maintenance freakish by rotating the woofer). My Belle Klipsch do afford me the occasional benefit of seeing that handiwork every once in a while. Point of fact I ended up with said Belles because I couldn't quite get the KHorns in the corners no way no how, but only by an inch.......Probably could have bought KHorns ten times over a stretch of about five years here, but just don't have the spot for those. Point being I sure tried, but literally moving brick is too much of a project no matter how much I wanted them back then. OP is in for a good little journey here. Decorator '76's with laser badges, it looks to me......lots to work with; some extremely capable devices indeed despite the pared down nature of the "decorator" series.
  5. The way those caps are built and sealed one would never come into contact with that, assuming that PCBs are in fact present in the Russkie caps (I don't really know the details on those). I'd probably have to swing at one with a hammer to get it to crack open, though.
  6. What you need to do is have Elon take over an electronics/audio component company, such that you can run your equipment on battery (DC) and therefore no "dirty power". If you could isolate the system from the grid on a strictly DC powered setup the noise floor would be non-existent; the system would have the absolute blackest of backgrounds. There was a company doing similar some years ago (Red Wine Audio??) where they had an "amplifier" device that used a battery as power that yielded the quietest setup in the business. Seems like an idea that could easily be expanded upon.
  7. Nope, we're not kidding. There's a ton of vintage caps and tubes laying around in old stockpiles over there which were built with real "effort", many from prior to the "fall of the wall": Say what you might about what they could and could not do, but those caps were some of the most bullet proof stuff you'll ever see for these purposes, these caps are sealed and "built to the hilt" in a lot of ways. They also impart a sonic signature that many horn enthusiasts really appreciate. I've fiddled with a number of these caps and know well why people like them. I've come to develop more of an appreciation and preference for modern Teflons and polypropylenes but that's my way of "riding the audio wave" and not necessarily a requirement or anything.
  8. Audible Nectar


    These are very nice. I have a pair of '68s with removable grills that are otherwise pretty much identical to these (well, that is until I finish the rebuilds and that will be another matter). Mahhhhhhhvelous home theater possibilities with these too, you can "lowboy" one in the center (lay on its side) and have a really interesting center channel (with full range speaker capabilities), or have them be front and rear centers in a 6.1 (both lowboyed) or use them as surrounds in an all Cornwall or Heritage theater too. Many. many many ways these can be put to good use. One of my favorite Klipsch releases of all time.
  9. Don't forget the K's and the V's. We can play another little game with this too, where we substitute some of these drug names for Ukrainian cities in the news and see who can tell what's amiss.
  10. I've used Shuguang KT88 for the duration of my VRD ownership with no issues. Penta Labs, the VA KT100 (which is pretty much a KT88-98) and the Ruby are all pretty standard tubes in the "echelon" and they always worked pretty well. The Russian KT88 usually failed within 100 hours (assumed from the high screen) but I never had a problem with the Chinese versions; I do know a number who used the Russian KT120 and such with good effect. That said, nothing wrong with the Chinese KT88 versions as others state and no drop-off in performance - maybe slightly different but nothing earthshaking and in fact I liked the Sino versions better anyway. The SED 6L6GC was another matter when it was in production but that's another discussion/subject, and that tube hasn't been made for years.
  11. I'm as big of a fanboy of the concept of "modding" as you can get around here, because any company who manufactures products have a thing called "bean counters" who have to make sure that resource inputs are appropriately balanced with the need to turn a profit (which Klipsch or any other manufacturing concern has to pay attention to). Even the most high and mighty gears in audio history had bean counters behind them, we spent years here chocking the venerable Mac 30 with the best of high performance parts; to very good results, too..... ........but with all that said, the Cornwall IV is the speaker for one who wishes to "buy it and forget it" in terms of those issues. For those who want to do those modifications I would suggest the older series, such as Cornwall I, or even better for models Belle Klipsch and Khorn, where aftermarket horn setups have been successfully fashioned and don't require you hack on your cabs šŸ™‚ The Cornwall IV is a speaker I wouldn't even mod myself as so many of those tight tolerances have been done for the end user, where I find the simpler networked laden early series to be the "modder's playground", not just because it's so easy, but because there have been a number of options presented for that. But with the Cornwall IV, you just set them up and feed them well and forget it. You appear to have done that. That's what you pay your money for šŸ™‚
  12. I'm grateful that I loaded up on Penta Labs KT88 and Valve Art KT100 when they were $150 and $100 per matched quad respectively, I bought lots of 30 each from dealers when they would restock so I could get these in a pretty tight range and use out of those whenever I need. In addition I collected sufficient NOS that I have very few holes in my stash (12AT7s are a bit short as I never had a use for those until very recently). I certainly did an "Oh S..." knowing what this was gonna do to tube geeks and that's a pretty tough place to be. The Russian side of tube making filled a lot of holes for a lot of people. One thing I did was when I got my gear choices settled I stocked the hell up as to not have worries on those kind of issues.
  13. Those look really nice. but I sure wish I could lay on one before buying. If I could know in my own mind what firmness I really need from specific manufacturers it would make it sooooo much easier. Suspect that I would be happy with ONE of their mattresses but sure wish I had a chance to sample - maybe at some traveling home show or something......
  14. Wow, that's nice. I'm thinking about finding a K2 to run my HT subs that doesn't look like it just got off the tour bus. That "No fan" plus the auto-power-off in the absence of signal might well prove itself useful here......
  15. I still have one, and love it. I'd buy another one if they were still around, they just have that magic and life.
  16. This is why I pay other people to rebuild my crossovers. If I did it things would probably only minimally look better, LOL. Are those caps Klipsch approved?šŸ¤£
  17. I guess everyone has their preferences. I prefer Amperex (Holland) late 1950's/early 1960's in both the 12AX7 and 12AU7 slots.
  18. This place is gonna LOVE me when I post on my home theater that's in the works..... I learned it all right here. šŸ˜‡
  19. Corporate world has been pulling back from this stuff big time. I know several who work in related businesses setting up/catering to this kind of stuff (conventions/exhibits/meetings.etc). People are backing out of bookings to the tune of 40% or more over the upcoming fall (this outta Vegas, why they are frantically putting in a vaxpass system because the convention end is bleeding cash). Corporate types don't yet trust these type of public events and are voting with their dollars and feet.
  20. They seem fixated on the "M" word, as well as the topic of sex and body parts in general. Everything old is new again.
  21. Oh, come on. Stop baggin' on Uncle Kevy.....he's as American as hot dogs and apple pie, and dare I say that the Ah! Tjoeb 4000 CD player I got from them is still one of my favorite components ever. So much so I wish I had another one or two šŸ™‚ It's a real trip to see Upscale Audio selling Klipsch, too.
  22. I have a set of these from 1968, the grills are removable and a tannish wicker style. I set one on it's side (lowboy'd) as the center channel in my all-Cornwall theater, this speaker is mahhhhhhhvelous for this purpose. :: currently undergoing renovations :: :: ding :: šŸ¦“ šŸ””
  23. I am in awe of the woodworking/finish restoration. The only thing I ever succeed in by attempting such is making it worse, save for maybe giving the oiled cabs a BLO treatment. Any resto work I do, I have to hire people to do the work for me - crossovers, grill cloths, and so forth such that I am in the area of "assembly". I would like to do this to my Cornwalls that I am redoing for my theater, but as I say, I'll screw it up. Which is what impresses me the most about these threads - some people seem to do this like breathing, whereas I view it as "Flying Wallendas" sort of stuff.
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