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  1. welcome. This is a much friendlier place ! I picked up a pair of Heresy II for my brother last year. They were really nice, oiled oak. I paid $500 but up here in New England thats actually not bad. I owned Heresy III and really liked them, should be good deals on those. I actually went to listen to Heresy IV to hear the difference and ended up buying Forte IV. If not for a generous trade in I would have kept them....
  2. The Cornwall IV are pretty awesome.... you should listen to them...
  3. Very sorry to hear this , please accept my condolences. I just spoke to him a week or two back about a Heresy project he was working on. Sorry for your loss, he was a good guy.
  4. They definitely look nice. Each one is a little different which adds to the cool factor
  5. Prices are crazy up here in NE......I bought my brother a really nice pair of Heresy II for $500 a year or so back and I thought it was fair considering what some of the asking prices are here in Boston.
  6. Basically anything Quicksilver is built like a tank and sounds good. Ever use that amp with Forte ?
  7. Check out the new Quicksilver 20 watt EL84 integrated....Quicksilver builds great amps and they are affordable, relatively speaking .
  8. LaScala , that room is big.... plus LaScala is my bucket list speaker. If I had the room I know what I would go with
  9. I should add that I did listen to the JBL.... they are quite nice . But they can’t rock like the Forte. My brother was over last night. and we were blown away by how big and bad the Forte sound.
  10. Its definitely a little darker. Looks great
  11. Steve.

    Pay it forward

    Looks like that is going to a good home . Best thing is that Sancho had just paid it forward in a similar fashion .... I urge others to do the same. I had recently given a co worker a receiver and KG 1s., it’s a good way to put unused gear back in service. And it feels good doing it.
  12. Get the IV.... I have a saying when buying something for the long haul...." Buy once, cry once" I rarely have buyers remorse living by that edict...
  13. Sorry, had to laugh when I read the word "endgame"... Thats great you enjoy them though.....happy listening
  14. Steve.

    Pay it forward

    Heresy III midrange driver free to good home.
  15. I listened to the n150 driving a pair of Forte III and they sounded amazing. I was with a co worker who is not an audio guy and he was blown away . Also could not believe we were listening to a 10w amp , with the right speaker that is an incredible sounding amp.
  16. I was using a REL R305 with my Heresy and it was a good combo.
  17. Front view of Mid Monos with QS Headphone amp
  18. I compared my month old Fortes to a pic I took when un boxing and they are noticeably darker. The grain and knots are more pronounced ....
  19. Quicksilver Mid Mono 40 watt PP. Great amps, can use virtually any EL34 or 6L6 variants
  20. Yes. I would call it a satin lacquer finish. Don't know if its lacquer or water based but my room definitely has that new speaker smell....
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