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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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1 minute ago, oldtimer said:

He's not getting paid.

The opportunity to get published is a form of payment.  The opportunity to shoot his son and other friends works too.  He has the jpg files just like i have a ton of negatives.  I just want to help him become a better sports photog.  No better feeling in the world than having the best seat in the house while you're workin.



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Took a trip to the Grand Canyon this weekend with my wife and my son and his family. My first winter visit and the first visit ever for my daughter in law and the grandkids. Still very impressive.


Sculpture in the visitor center. Either a squirrel doing a handstand, or a native with Dietary issues.




Vishnu's Temple, in the mist.




High angle view of the Bright Angel Trail, including Indian Garden and Plateau Point. 





Close set up of the same. About a twelve mile round trip on the hoof, five of it uphill. Did the hike in September  (three

yrs ago) Bring lots of water and protein.




View with a rainbow




Cabin in we stayed in at Fort Tutthill, just outside Flagstaff.



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19 hours ago, sunburnwilly said:

Car is filthy but the lighting was good so



Filthy huh?

Darn you're like I was at 16 with that big block Charger I had.

Right now my car is green and fuzzy like the legs of a bee going from one flower to another :(

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