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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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51 minutes ago, Shiva said:

A little bird flew into the house,  here, looking longingly to the outside.  I had to help tweety get back out there. 




 the Bird and the Glass ,  great picture

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FANTASTIC shot!  Something everyone envisions and you captured it.  That's got blue ribbon all over it!  There he sits with a couple plants and on the outside is his home.  It's candid, rare to see in life, the colors of the outside draw ya into the entire scene and NO one cares about the levolors it's just a house!  Yea, it's ALL that!  Naturally, it's just my opinion.  hahaha  The other contest judge's might think you need studio lighting.  😂

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I bought a trail cam to see what roams my property, it's been very interesting and I set it and check it every week. This is 12 feet outside my back door, the red fox is sniffing where my dog goes tinkle. Probably looking for a date... Fox.thumb.JPG.2ce8d0d722b0634102f7d7434b2ff1c2.JPG 

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