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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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50 minutes ago, boom3 said:


Our family used to live on the Crawfish River in Wisconsin, with a lot of protected wetlands. Home of Whooping and Sandhill cranes. This pic isn't mine, but we used to see cranes along the river close to our house.


Those were some good times.


cranes_along crawfish river.jpg

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10 hours ago, JL Sargent said:

Quite a distance away and not very sharp. Photo taken from my yard. The Pileated Woodpecker is very shy.


nice pic, yea they´re very shy. It´s a male , the female are green and less colored. We have some woddpecker familiys in our forrest around the house and feed them the whole year through

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I remembered that word from that excruciatingly long Costner movie. I had a good date to it, and we left before it was over. Looked it up to make sure it meant what I meant, and sure enough it had a new meaning. A wrestler has taken that name, probably from the same movie.


OMG I didn't know that animals could be genetically confused too:huh2:

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