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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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What a pleasant and unexpected surprise.  It called for a TGIF Griffin Claw Default Pilsner.


Thank you very much Mike @MookieStl for the Speakerlab badge.  It’ll go well with the framed business card from my DJ days.  I painted the Speakerlab logo on the fronts of the four black SKhorns in large white letters and made their catalogs available to my subjects.  In exchange, Speakerlab paid for Seattle to Detroit shipping, which in 1975 saved me ~$180.





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Well somebody has to turn the lights on and make mud.

How's everyone?


I was up early.... for a couple hours   Went back to bed and got up at 6:30.


It "rained' sorta. If you call a 1/4in overnight rain. More like very heavy dew.


  I'm in the doghouse. Not in trouble, yet. Gimme a few.  Wife is doing paperwork and I try to give her quiet.

  Played 36holes of goofy golf yesterday.Paying for the day on the misery whip. Moving a wee slow. The cool/wet prolly has some to do with it, too. I had to clear the path to the compost. One thing leads to another and I find me hacking away at anything green and over 4inches tall.

 oh sure... I'll have another cup of coffee. Cold? I'm good with that.

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Mornin' All


Got a red blinky on the coffee machine. Time to flush it out. I still think it is set to light after a certain number of brew cycles. I should try an experiment. Run it through the cleaning cycle with tap water and see if the idiot light goes off, and for how long.

Gonna be cooler today. The sun will be out. That will make a difference. It made 65` yesterday... but cloudy and wet. I see sun and 60` today. Average high is 70` now. It will be nice for a couple months. June.... we don't talk about that. I hear about "June Gloom" in SanDiego...fog and cool.

We have our version. Oppressive sun and highs averaging at or near 100`. I don't want to hear this "It's a dry heat" crap. It's 140` in the sun. Difference being poached or jerkyed. Rambling


Nothing exciting on my agenda. Dragging my right leg around. Still paying for cutting weeds. Worse part of that deal is they won't die. And the cut off part will still try to make seeds. And the root end... yeah, it will complete its mission unless pulled up.  These weeds are amazing , in their own way. I swear, if there is enough rain to make the seed sprout, it will flower w/o any further watering. The plants will be very small, but make seed.


anyone else suffer SAD? It gets me bad some years. Mine broke with a fit of SpringFever this year. It feels good to feel good.

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Yep grasshopper I guess a lot of folks have a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Several days without sun does it for me.....dreary winter days.  But what's got me right now is the first cold of the season.  I thought after jumping on the Elderberry preventative band wagon I was home free.  Not so.

Started Monday and on Thursday I went to the doctor.  A shot of steroids in the butt....a Z pac.....Prednisone......and an inhaler and I'm slowly on the mend. 


Music room work should be winding down by next weekend at LF's place.  Thinking about a return to the 80's look with hiding most equipment in cabinets rather than on display.  Will feature the Spatial speakers and a new Primaluna Evo amp.  Maybe a R2R.  Pics in a week or so.


Well that's about it......


Enjoy your Sunday!








































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On 2/21/2020 at 3:39 PM, DizRotus said:

My wife and I are debating whether the “& Metal” in the return address was hand drawn or printed.  She says a very fine Sharpie and extremely neat handwriting. I vote for professionally printed.   If she’s correct I have to be her sex slave, so I win either way.





Sorry professionally printed. We added Metal to our name since we were doing more with metal than fabric. Used it like that for a while before changing our Logo.

I'm still burning through some old stock envelopes. Figured you didn't care. 

Last time I lost a bet to my wife and had to be her sex slave, she had me wash her car.

Not what I had in mind.

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15 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

Thought I'd class this place up a bit.  My favorite Stooge.




13 hours ago, sunburnwilly said:


Curly Joe for the win



Sunburnwilly, you picture Curly, but mention Curly-Joe  Bessard shown below.  Who do you like?


A tough call between two of the Howard brothers.  If forced to choose, I cast my vote for Curly.



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