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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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47 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Willie, I forgot what kind of patinaed land yacht is it that you tool around in?


it's a "vintage" '89 Old 88. Vintage does not equate to good or pristine.... especially in this case.



I have seen folks "multitask" that AM/PM.  Worst I saw was vodka and coffee, in the same cup... I spose gin would make it "better". Blech

I tried "green dragon" and coffee. That was no bueno. The oil in the green dragon was near impossible to git down. "Wash my mouth with whiskey" comes to mind... Felt like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of its mouth.

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23 hours ago, mr clean said:

I have gotten away from half and half for health reasons. Ive been using nut pods and it taste great. I also add a teaspoon and a half of powdered coconut milk and it tastes so fine also. Powdered coconut milk has saturated fat but for some reason its a good fat for your body. Just don't over use. Try it you will love it!






...if I need cream or sugar, the coffee is not to my liking. Maybe you should try different beans or go with straight cream instead of half-n-half [keto diet sez cream is OK]?

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they do frown upon them in the trunk


wife has a few days off. Just in time for her to get sick. Me? I'm doing OK....normal aches and pains.


been letting the kittens and deaf cat outdoors. Saves a lot of cleaning.... if I could convince the one kitten to leave the twigs outside. She comes in, all proud of her catch.Then drops it on the floor. The mesquite has thorns. You think stepping on legos is bad....

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Nice song Mike but there was a big difference.

They would not go away or get out of the way at the two four + turn lane road intersection adjacent to I-77 about a mile from the airport. You "had to buy" some inane flower or pamphlet or something like that or bump them with your bumper to move through the intersection. Like the dim-wits now-a-days, antifaghs? This went on for about a year there. We'd call them over, talk like the ladies taking the order at a Chinese restaurant blow a big hit in their face, throw empty beer cans, burn rubber for two blocks & it shocked them. Over and over probably a half dozen times over a few months. Then they weren't there anymore, felt like everybody else was grateful for getting rid of them! The yearly Deadhead invasion was colorful and much more nice... they knew not to play in the streets!


Here's that 80s clip, it's a minute in!



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6 minutes ago, grasshopper said:

I am proud of myself

  Was cutting a slice of bread when I realized I was doing dangerous with the knife

... 15 seconds before I cut myself



and I like to think of myself as  fairly intelligent

still may be ... just with one less finger.

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