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2 hours ago, Pete H said:

Prior to agreeing to pick up your slants, I even offered to pick him up and take him as it's about the same distance to go that way versus down through Kentucky, but the offer was turned down, so I'm pretty sure he just didn't want to ride with me.  LOL

I don't recall turning you down. I ignored you. There is a big difference.

Don't count me out (although unlikely). My schedule is hectic so the furthest I plan ahead is lunch. I don't even buy green bananas for fear of commitment. 

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you don't speak computer jumble?


Winding up chores and back to ditch digging.

  I turned some of the garden yesterday... looking for worms. Plus, it needed to get started. This is a busy time of year. I'm cutting weeds already. Trying to ready the garden. Turning the garden would not be a manual labor thing if the tiller wouldn't sink in it. Not a junk tiller. Troybilt Horse.  Not something you can use [much] in raised beds.


I WILL go to the lake tomorrow. Even if it's just a couple hours sitting on the bank. Paths around the lake are cow paths. So, unless you are only 4ft tall, you hike hunched over thru the bramble/catclaw. Army field jackets are great for bushwhacking.



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