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3 hours ago, grasshopper said:

New Year's is a big deal in HI.. even on Kauai, at midnight, it was like being in a tin shed during a hailstorm..... Driving around Lihue in the AM, the streets were completely covered in red firecracker papers.

I remember being on a chat with a number of my British friends on New Years a number of years back and they described it as sounding like a second London blitz.

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Right Back Atcha @MEH Synergy 


Midnight was a dud this year, think the 8 to 10 pm was where all the large diameter shells got set off. Kids to sleep early or the rain... not sure. Low clouds & weeklong 100% humidity did mess up some of the higher bursting ones though.


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We just finished the New Year's dinner. I´ve cooked again . There was rump steak, potato gratin and rutabaga in vegetable cream stock. In addition, a German red wine.  Am full. In the time between Christmas Eve and today I´ve  gained a good 2 kg in weight. But that's okay because anyway I'm not overweight. I wish you a happy New Year's Day

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I guess my venison chili was good... the bread, too.

I got a serving of chili and one slice of bread before "they" [the kids] showed up, unexpectedly, and ate.... everything. 2 loaves of bread and a pot of chili... no leftovers.


Making bread, again. Venison stew today. 

I know how ya feel, George... I've been in the kitchen for.... since Christmas. Made cheese and apple biscuits for wife's church group this AM. 

  I wish I could gain 2 kg... Ain't happening. The only way I can gain weight, is to grow my hair.


...if it wasn't AZ, I would say the weather is ugly. Rain, wind... but, we can always use precipitation... and the roof isn't leaking. So, it's a good day

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2 hours ago, John Chi-town said:

HA HA!  Wait till you hit 50!

Had to pick up a nose/ear hair trimmer back then you young-in.

Or are you? If you'd ever chased around a Black SuperDuty 455 TA you might just be my age:lol:

Had a fella in the neighborhood with a silver one... kicked my Charger's butt. But I didn't chase him again.





con·text ˈkän-ˌtekst 
: the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning
: the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs : ENVIRONMENT, SETTING
the historical context of the war
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