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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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The new year starts well , I'm just working , 18 hours a day , beside that I have to build so many audio cables, continuing with the restoration from my vintage Klipsch KG 3.5 and help a friend in the renovation of his apartment .

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1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

Just heard Jeff Beck passed today from spinal menengitis.  Sad for sure.  May he RIP.

I did Sound for Beck, prolly 45 years ago

Rochester War Memorial  Beck0la Tour maybe ??


He was a skinny little guy, and a real dick ....my guess is that kids beat him up every day on the school bus




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2 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Different angle, having a pretty strong TStorm tonight.

Thoughts for all in the Deep South tonight, we all know what warm days in the winter months bring.

same here since two weeks , night & day 

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Our power started blinking around 4pm this afternoon.

Sent my boss a text and told him I was going to call it a day.

I’m supposed to run down to Asheville tomorrow but I think I may postpone that until next week.


The kids are out of school tomorrow due to the supposed snow we will get tonight as the rain starts to freeze sometime in the AM.

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;) Not where I am now!


Used to watch the 5:00 news, so hang on a minute!

Where I've been most of my life in ACC territory a warm wintertime day usually means thunderstorms are coming. Damp air from the gulf comes up... it's warm. It's Oct -March here... cool air.

Where they meet in the deep south gets violent T-storms sometimes twisters. Like yesterday.

Up here away from where the L & H pressure systems clash we get the leftovers.

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I'm crushed...

Amber has been calling me... and I want to make a date with her

... and then I asked one of her "specialists" is Amber was a robot... He said Yes.


I'm in a position of "making hay while the sunshines" today ... Domestic stuff. Laundry and housekeeping. 

And then we have to start the garden... happens early. I have daffodils coming up.


Boy is tackling a water pump replacement on his truck. A "straight forward" job... except it is a Ford. Every accessory on the engine is bolted to it. Told boy to remember what came from where... Label bags, color code...pictures. Oh... I volunteered to help. Not do the work. I think this is his first attempt to do any kind of engine work. It is taking a lot of guidance. His first lesson was how to remove the belts. Then it got fun. The fan, clutch and fan shroud had to come out all at the same time. Now, we can see all of the brackets attached to the water pump... Ford makes a good product... I hate working on them. 


Weather is supposed to be wet/cold for a few days, starting Sunday.

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