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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Morning everyone!


I am doing four 12 hour shifts in Columbus, Ohio, so I am staying at my brothers.


Presently, I have a slight lul in work, so I thought I would check in before the next call light!


Really looking forward to May, Hope, and meeting some of you dead beats!


Miss a couple of you as well :)Well, I better get back at it, have a great Wednesday everybody!   :P



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Any coffee thermos recommendations?  I have business Law II again this evening and if its like last week, I am going to need a lot of coffee.  I don't need whole lot, but enough to get me through a couple hours.  I always like the old Stanley ones.  Are they still any good, last I had seen someone with one, they complained about it leaking.

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Our closest friends are jimmy and Diana. They are from Indonesia, and have 2 kids. Jimmy's only day off is Tuesday. When we go to Chinatown it is always a Tuesday which means we are playing hookie. There are many times it doesn't work out (shop) but when it does, we go in any weather (barring safety). Yesterday was one of the great days! They share their culture with us and their food. It is always a feast. MKP loves the hot chili going in butt... Let's just say he is having an uncomfortable morning!

A haircut in Chinatown is an event. There is a customary face, head, neck and shoulder massage with the shampooing. Not cursory like sport clips, but pressure points, etc. Very nice. And Victor is like Edward scissorhands. He cuts with razors only and wears a leather scissor belt. Victor has a flair for the dramatic and is always trying to show it in mkp's haircut. Victor will have me look at his finished product "is OK?" And MKP looks at me with eyes that say "PLEASE make him fix it!". Lol

This is MkP with shimlu (Annabelle), and with the infamous (and not gay) victor



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