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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Going to make an appointment to see my regular doctor tomorrow.


She is pretty hot too.


Seemed better yesterday and no issues at all today, fingers crossed.


One last cup of coffee brewing for tonight, probably watch a bit of TV and take it easy the rest of the evening.

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Evening gang...


Didn't have a chance to post all day...All kinds of crapp going on....there's always crapp going on..... Anyway made it through another Monday....


Were taking tomorrow off and going to China town in Philly.... Gonna get some good eats and a hair cut...


As soon as the grandkids are on the bus me and The BOSS will heading North... I'll get The BOSS to post some pics of the day....


Carl..... the Tundra.... you can keep it.... I have to work on my dads......he's got an 03....I don't like working on those things...but I'll do what I have to do... and some of those times on Alldata are nuts.... I tell ya man I got my own times... for the most part I know how long things take to do... Now if I get a job in that I haven't done I'll call some of my buds and ask and if they don't know I'll double the time that Alldata says... I'm very fair with people and I will tell em "if I do it in less time I won't charge you as much" and ya know as much gravy as I suck up I gotta get a few lumps now and then...


Jason.... get your butt to the hot doc and get your shitt taken care of my man... maybe she'll have you cough ;)


The guy that's hauling his pet on the flatbed.... he's real smart..... NOT..... what a ******....


Hey I got an old sewing machine... it's really cool, I don't use it but I got it........I got it at a yard sale many years ago.... I was so cool I just had to have it... and it was only $10..


OK I should get some sleep that drive to Philly sucks. and in Philly they drive like nuts.... there crazy...... last year we were in South Philly driving these back streets. Some guy behind me was getting all pissed off cuz I was stopping at the stop sings....every block was a stop sing... so I would stop to make sure nobody was coming... well this guy was going off... yelling hitting his steering wheel going crazy.... I said to The BOSS and my friends in the car.. "look at this guy behind us".... so for a few more blocks I would just stop and do my thing watching him.... At one stop sing I told The BOSS......."watch this" ..... we got to the next stop sing and I just sat there... I could see him in my mirror he was going crazy.... he could see me ..... so I pointed at him and started laughing at him.....OMG he went ballistic... out the car he came....  Oh he was a big boy and I think he wanted to kill me :o ..... The BOSS is now saying WTF...... So I did  a cool move that I know from self defense training....... I drove away :lol:  lol lol .... Yea there nuts in South Philly...


Later..... MKP :-)

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Were taking tomorrow off and going to China town in Philly.... Gonna get some good eats and a hair cut...


Good idea, you and the boss have a good day and take a break. I know what I would be looking to eat, a cheesesteak, never had the real thing and they look good. 

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Morning Gents.  Cool and sunny here.  Sprinklers woke me at 7:00 and the air is so fresh afterwards when I walk the Jakester.


Bought a self propelled leaf blower.....the commercial type at a garage sale Saturday.  Looks almost new...a MDT.  Paid $75 though I'm sure it retailed for near a grand.  Will have to wait till winter again to blow some leaves which is ok with me.  Bought it from the widow of a class mate who passed away from cancer. She still has a nice generator and a 3200psi pressure washer she has to get rid of by Sunday.....her moving day.  Going back to buy some shelving units for my tool shed.

Speaking of sheds I cleaned it out yesterday with a helper.  Gave him a truckload of stuff I haven't used in years and threw away a lot more.  I'm terrible about putting tools back in there place so shed maintenance is a yearly activity :wacko:   No snakes in the shed :)  About 9 years ago when I was doing my music room addition the shed was being used for workers tools.  A worker went in to see a tail slither to the back of the shed.  He caught it.....about a 2.5 ft. Copperhead.  He took it home with him in a clear nail container :blink:


Well enough about me....what are you guys up to?  Or as my late wife use to say "that's enough talk about you let's talk about me".  Bless her heart :(


Cheers Ladies :emotion-44: and Gents

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