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2003 Silverado SS 6.0. Original called out AC Delco platinums gapped at .060" TSB from 2008 changed to Iridiums @ .040". I went with the Iridums @ .040 and factory wires. 0300 code for multiple misfires, re-installed old wires with a 0303 and 0308 code. Re-installed original plugs which cleared the codes but has an idle stumble that wasn't there before. I cleaned the mass air flow sensor and that brought the idle speed up a little but still has pronounced idle stumble. I am going with .060 platinums and new factory wires again today. Using Bosch 1300 scanner.

Weird part is that this was the first plug change since new and it had the .040 iridiums in it??? 150,000 miles. I see a little carbon tracking on the original wires.

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20 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

Is this a coil pack or coil on plug?

Coil pack (square coil). I changed up a bit from the last post. I used AC 41-805 double platinums gapped at .050" and used the originally planned O'Reilly bought wires. I didn't care to spend $175 for the AC wires that had multiple misfires. Just got them installed and start / idle is promising. Picked up another 75 RPM (675) and has a smooth idle free and loaded. I'll drive it in a bit.


Used some dielectric grease on the plug end keeping off the terminal.

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Rare, very rare, idle stumble originally which got much worse / constant after tune-up. Hope this does it although I would like to have a 2017 ZL-1 Camaro

About the crankshaft relearn, I am old school with distributors and carbs. Would 150000 mile timing chain stretch warrant a position relearn?

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