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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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17 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

I must have missed it Mike, what's up with the bacon costume?

pic from the concert last night, Eri was dressed up in a bacon costume (she got a shout out from the band). I was playing with it and hid and now can't figure out how to un-hide.


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Good weekday morning Gang

Chuck, sound's like the Lf house is a "New" hobby and a worthy cause at that.


Change of plans as of last night Farm call, seems the farmer in question will even be home today,

so, no need to drive north.


New plan, Breakfast, My Fav hardware store, the Pub, then the RV.


Sunday will be the Finals at the Reno Air Races, really the only one day we go anymore.

Everyone have an Un-eventfull Thursday.......


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4 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

I fixed it for you.


Why bacon?


And why not bacon? A very smart young lady and wise far beyond her years. I'd say USN is raising an outstanding child. 

Now her friends just needed to be tomatoes, lettuce and bread and great taste would have been shown!    

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2 minutes ago, richieb said:

What if I manage to get my 1000th post on the 1000th page? Does that deserve a special level of toaster? Maybe even one that works??! Or does that just get me a booby prize? Not that there is anything wrong with boobies or prizes, just sayin'.

Keep in mind that the prize is a USED toaster owned by the legendary TARHEEL with bread crumbs still intact.  Some crumbs may be lost during shipping. 

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Please do not forget us vodka martini drinkers with a twist of lemon peel...classic :)

Was at the Dunes several awhile back when ordered one only to get a gin martini w/olive.

Told the wine waiter to just leave it. He brought me the correct order and got a nice tip.

The prime rib was excellent like Fleming said it would be.

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