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Long time lurker, formerly known as LonestarBlues. I have not posted anything since 2006. DeanG, you had a contest back in 2004 giving away a free pair of your Crossover Networks. I won the contest and got a pair of Type B Crossovers with Auricaps from you for my 1977 Cornwalls. DeanG, I also purchased a pair of Type A Crossovers from you with Jensen Aluminum Paper In Oil Caps for my 1989 Industrial Lascalas probably back in 2006. I also own a pair of DeanG Type B Crossovers with Jensen Aluminum Paper in Oil Caps. I purchased them from a dude out in California that used to post quite a bit. I can't remember his handle, he owned a business that supplied stuff to Movie Sets in Hollywood. I think he owned pair of Mcintosh MC 30 amps.

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