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Question for everybody: Interested in Custom Heritage Speakers?


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How about offering the Jubilee bass bin (and the other Cinema bass cabinets) as unfinished "Birch Raw" like the LaScala I...

Personally, I think a pair of KPT-684's in a clear Birch Lacquer finish (to match my LaScalas) would merit some serious consideration.

I asked this question in the Klipsch Pro subforum "Are Klipsch Pro(Cinema) cabinets available unfinished?" The answer was yes

see post 12 and 16,17


Where'd my link to the other thread go ??????   Try again



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'Beauty Panel' - the term I coined when Roy, Trey and Iwere getting requests from you guys for a way to prettify the Jubilee LF cabinet. I understand that this has been available for quite some time and that several of the Forum guys own such magnificent beauties. 

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Brazilian Rosewood, my favorite of all time! Pecan or hickory would be nice, and a change of pace, too, and possible to match to furniture in the room. I am not really into extremely "LOUD" wood patterns/colors/contrasts, since the affordability of a room full of furniture to match the speakers would be impossible for MOST pockets...just saying...the SOUND coming out of the speakers will be what sets Klipsch apart from the others, the wood is secondary for me.

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