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What I Got Today!


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26 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Ha!  I have that same lamp if you believe it!  Looks like your settled in and ready to cut it loose though.  :)


Gift from my mom.  She said I "needed" it. Rarely gets used, but there it is.   I'm cutting loose a little right now.  Had to do lots of rearranging and experimenting, but I finally got the subs blended well with the speakers run full range.  That's what I wanted.  

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8 minutes ago, SWL said:

That's how I roll, too

Crossover route was a failed experiment. It would either be I go active and then that would require another couple thousand at least to be spent just to do so.   This method is DAC straight to amps. Best sound I have gotten so far. 

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Not trying to change the subject, but I just got these in. I know some of you remember the days of record collecting and getting those cool album covers. Well today I got 20 Blu-ray slipcovers, all pressed and mostly mint condition, 12 of them came in plastic sleeve protectors too...


11 Disney

3 lenticular

1 gold foil


So if you got any slipcovers you want gone, DM some pics to me.





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Not too long ago, I purchased a DAC with XLR outputs, which would have to share my power amp that has XLR inputs, with the A/V Receiver.  I wanted a switcher and then landed on this review over at ASR.



Which led to its purchase over at Amazon.  Works as advertised too. 




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