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What I Got Today!


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36 minutes ago, babadono said:

Actually its vinyl:)

Dang Randy now that you corrected your spelling my comments makes no sense or at least it is not funny.

It is a perimeter fence so it ends at the beginning. 

Better known as an “infinity fence”. Goes on forever, like most fencing that enclose a property. 

13 minutes ago, JJkizak said:

Looks like plastic. Whatever happened to wood and creosote?


Wood and creosote went the way of the dodo 🦤 bird. Along with most things of our past — you know, the good ol’ days.

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20 hours ago, babadono said:

Fence work continues, my wallet's gettin' thin.

That's long, did you stop at the border ?


Does look really good, if you keep making improvements the tax man will have his hand out, well even more than normal. Great looking property and home. :emotion-21:

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Because it looks good I guess, anyway need does not not often relate to want. 

Vinyl would not do well with horses, they would either push it over or eat it, expensive horse food. 

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22 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

What is the need for a fence like that?  Do you have horses?

No. But it is an equestrian area. Chain link not allowed, Wood (or vinyl) privacy fence is not permitted either around the entire property. Small areas up by the house would probably be Ok.It's all good because this was all spelled out up front years ago before I bought the property and built the house. The inside of the fence can and will have wire mesh installed to keep SOME of the critters out and keep dogs in.

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