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Top Ten Vintage Speakers on Ebay (inc RB-51 II)


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Here is somebody's opinion of the Top Ten vintage speakers on Ebay.  In the Top Ten is the Klipsch RB-51 II.  It's a fine speaker, but I think I would have gone with La Scala in the Top Ten, probably in the Top Three.  Comments?





Do you have your own Top Ten Vintage speaker list?  I'd like to see a Top Ten Vintage Klipsch Speaker list.  No criteria, just your opinion.  Include center speakers if you want.


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22 minutes ago, dirtmudd said:

audio karma has a top ten

klipsch made the list 3 times

10. Klipsch Cornwalls
9. Jbl L100t
8. Marantz HD-880
7. Jensen Tri-ette TR-10
6. Klipsch Chorus
5. Klipsch La Scala
4. Jbl Hartsfeild
3. Klipschorn
2. Altec Model 19
1. Jbl Paragon 



That's a better list for sure, but the Paragon doesn't sound good. It looks cool. The JBL L 100t is not good enough for the list either.

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The Rectilinear III should be on any top ten list.  There's a pair on Ebay right now.  It's no surprise that they sound so amazing given some of the engineers who were involved with the company at one time or another.  I sold a lot of them back in the day and deeply regret selling mine to one of the local guys about 30 years ago.






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On 8/3/2017 at 7:32 PM, Schu said:

No western electric, no care.


On 8/4/2017 at 11:56 AM, JJkizak said:


If Western Electric still made speakers a small spare would pop out in case of failure of the main plus it would have a 500 year guarantee.



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I hope they mean top 10 easiest speakers to sell on ebay! the kids love the white cones of the ns-10 almost as much as the orange rubber surrounds of cervin vegas. or sansui's "the more speakers we can jam into a cabinet the better" philosophy with the sp5000 & up models. I think both marantz & jbl experimented with painting their cabinets bright blue for a couple of years.

if they mean great sounding vintage speakers where is anything from tannoy with the dual concentric drivers? the legendary pioneer hpm 100's, sanus faber monitors & I bet I'm missing quite a few others.

sorry, not trying to be a hater but even now I'm surprised how many vintage speakers are still popular from gimick or slick advertising from back in the day that still lives on (realistic mach l), but I will be the first to admid I've also heard many vintage speakers that blew me away with their dynamics & sound quality. magnepan mglll, cornwall, lascalla, altec model 19, IMF tls80, tannoy monitor gold 15" & a couple others that I can't remember their name or models


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