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Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1


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2 hours ago, Chris A said:

  I know of no other horn that does that over that wide of an operating band. 

And knowing you, I bet you have those dialed in to within milli-squigins of the perfect setup.  :)


Or better.   :D

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More progress. I installed and wired my left fan/light combo. Now we have the capability to emit whatever color we want from the monoblock opening using a hue bulb in that socket. The fan was the quietest Home Depot had at .5 sone. I’m happy to say it is barely audible. It moves quite a bit of air so that enclosure will stay nice and cool. Wired the left side monoblock speaker wire wall plate to the wall plate behind the jube. Left bass bin wired to av rack on the right hand wall. Couple more days for my XLR wire to get here and I can finish the drywall. 



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2 hours ago, Coytee said:

I'd say "Wait till he sees just how big they are..." then again, he's already got that subwoofer so they'll look positively small.


Actually, from a WAF perspective, that was pretty shrewd!!



I think she had an idea when he removed walls. :huh: It's not how it normally happens= To the wife,  I want to get some new speakers, OK with you ? good, the next day walls are missing. :blush2:

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On 5/9/2018 at 6:40 PM, Coytee said:

Also, chalk another one up to the un-heards!!!


While I did hear the Jubilee's at the 2017 Pilgrimage I was not impressed and admit was a little disappointed. I heard them during the day and early evening in the clubhouse before the Jub's and the 1502 were dialed in later that night. I went ahead and purchased them anyway because of all the positive feedback here on the forum. I have not been disappointed since @Chris A

helped me dial them in. They went from flat and sterile sounding to OMG. I will also credit @Coytee with giving me a lot of good advice as I was getting started.


I do really like the way you have partially hidden the size of the sub by recessing into a pocket like that - nice touch. I know you are going to love them for many years to come.

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First night thoughts. 


       These things sounded pretty good after I turned the input sensitivity up on the xilica. Using the Yamaha rxa1030 avr and streaming pandora and YouTube through the Sony udp1000 4K player.


I mean they were pretty damn awesome but I didn’t feel they were that big a step over my khorns. Surely nothing like the reading I’ve done where people’s jaws were dropping. After contemplating what my audiophile friends would think of this good, but lackluster speaker that I’ve talked up so much, I decided to hookup my krell preamp, smsl dac, and tidal. 


I’m speechless. The sound stage appeared, instruments were suddenly all over the room. The phantom center that people raved about began playing tricks on my mind. I had to make sure the tv wasn’t emitting beautiful sound. They bass like several 15” subwoofers. I had to check to make sure I didn’t have the 1802 turned on. This is the sound I’ve been searching for. No wonder people claim you can’t touch the sound these make for $30k or more. One hell of a first night.

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