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FS - Capacitors - All new, never installed


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These are, without question, the finest capacitors known to man/woman/child.....You will experience higher highs, lower lows and middier mids with these installed in your networks.  All are endorsed by the Interplanetary Capacitor Consortium and are guaranteed to function perfectly in both normal Earth atmosphere and a perfect vacuum.  And, some of them are purple!!  See for yourself!


Simply purchased too many over the last couple of years, and my build projects are slowing down.  $7.50 USPS Priority shipping for however many you want.

Will make a nice deal on the entire lot.

Please PM me.


All are new, never installed.


(4) ClarityCaps - CSA model - 6.8uf 250V 3% tolerance - $11.00 each (new $13.10)  4 remaining


(0) ClarityCaps - CSA model - 2uf 630V 3% tolerance - $8.00 each (new $10.30)  ALL SOLD, Thank you


All below are Dayton


(8) 6.8uf 250V 1% tolerance $4.00 each ($5.19 new) 8 remaining


(0) 4uf 250V 1% tolerance $3.00 each ($3.97 new) ALL SOLD

(4) 2uf 250v 1% tolerance $1.50 each ($2.41 new) ALL SOLD

(2) 2uf 250V 5% tolerance $1.00 each ($1.61 new) ALL SOLD

caps4 (Medium).jpg

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You guys need a hobby! If capacitors are the excitement of your day, you need a new solder iron. One to solder those pretty purple caps. What did Plymouth call that color in the early 70's? Plum crazy! That pretty much says it all about most of us.

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