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La Scala grill question

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2 hours ago, JBCODD said:

My 1978 Scalas have grill fabric attached to the reverse surface of the upper motorboard, with the horn mounting screws through the fabric.  See below.




Interesting and cool. Perfect world a pie klipsch badge would be in corner so not sure if this way would work for that . I have cloth from Bob I got to do heresys years ago but ended up buying grills online and never used it. Wonder how hard a small triangle would really be?

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On 4/20/2019 at 3:03 PM, Cinema_head said:

Has any one ever put the top designer la scala grill on these (like my avatar) using somthing like velcro? Does it fit without building trim edges? Any info on how this might work would be great thanks. 

About a decade or more ago I built up some prototype La Scala cabinets in oak-veneered plywood to test-out my plan of using different joinery techniques so that no fastener holes showed except at the rear, and underneath the speaker.  I also tried to make them as visually aesthetic as possible using what I had planned.


They came out pretty nice, and Daddy Dee bought them from me.  He decided to add grille cloth panels to-them, for some odd reason, and used magnets to hold them on...magnets were peel and stick versions.  I would not have done it, myself, because I went to great effort to make them look really nice without grille cloth covering up my work!


BUT, since your La Scalas are standard butt-joint, non-mitered factory builds it would be a viable thing to do, using magnets for attaching grille cloth panels to face of motorboards!


His panels were just routed out from either thin plywood Or Masonite type cardboard, just like for Heresy grille panels. The panel bodies need to be as light as possible, so that the magnetic attachment holds well.   This was really not so bad of an idea...but I would not have done it myself and you can see why in the pics with grille panels detached!  


So here are some pics to give you and ideal of what he did!...and why I wouldn't have done it, myself:



Grille ON:

oak LaScala with grill.jpg

solo oak LaScala with grille.jpg



pair of oak LaScalas.jpg


Grille Off: Magnets detract from cabinetry craftmanship:




With Grille off, you can see that I had put lots of effort into intending the top panel mitered to the motor-board panel would display wood-grain continuation from motor board up and to top panel and to rear of top panel...grille panels detracted from noticing that flow because they covered too much area on front panel...this is detail pic of facing speaker, looking at top right corner and shows detail of grain flow:


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1 hour ago, Cinema_head said:

I tried above idea. undecided.



It appears that Panelhead's LS openings had more of a "round over" on the outside edge than yours do. Adds a little more character, but I like them both.

I have seen ones where trim is added around the perimeter and the grill fits inside, that looks nice as well. Guess I'm easy.


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The OEM grilles are made from cloth over fiberboard/paperboard.  Klipsch once offered a kit to add quarter-round and a grille to *decorator* La Scalas.  Maybe you can still get some.  They weren't expensive. 

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Very nice @Cinema_head and the sound absorption material makes them work well in your long narrow bonus room?

Liked the fabric behind the HF face, but doing that seems like you might need to give the LF a Belle treatment of sorts to balance that. The classic look and the lighting in there makes for a good display here.

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