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Just in case you thought Cassettes were dead...


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18 minutes ago, Marvel said:

and that audiophile op-amp is less than a dollar.

For the price if someone wanted a new tape player it’s probably a better choice. Fiio seems from my experience to make decent stuff. 

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cassette. LOL. I am talking to Korea about that very thing. Reel 2 reel too. I have to make a few of those for a project I am working on. Anyone know how to speak and or write in Korean?


Just asking. 



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1 hour ago, Coytee said:

In my world, cassettes are dead....  now, if I could only find an under-dash 8-track player to play my 40+ year Boston 8-track...



Yard sales. I see one every couple of years. 

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@imeiamme Don't look at me I have enough trouble with English.  :)


@Coytee Lawdy you serious?  Boston?  Seriously?  😂  I somehow think NO but to be honest someone said something to me about an underdash and they were dead serious.  If you are let me know but I ain't bitin my friend.  I'd have to thunk.  Think maybe it was boxes full of them at an auction somewhere.  Well nm.  Disregard this transmission I'm returning to my regular programming...  Unless...  😂  NM, I just realized today's Sunday.  :)

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