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    • Please delete this. It was a duplicate.
    • Fred: I'm trying to do exactly what you requested. However, I just walked into the "blow-something" trap. While I attempted to determine which DIN pin was wired to which, my hand slipped, and I shorted out a couple of pins. There was a pop from the speakers. So, I plugged-in the native control module and saw that the power light was not lit. So, in that instant something fried.   Opening up the unit I found that R-12 on the power supply board was open and there were some scorch marks on the board around one of the pins. So, I need to find a source for a 98K ohm resistor.   Someone on the forum said there were multiple wiring methods for the DIN plug so looking for a schematic is futile. You'll have to find a way to get the sequence for your unit individually. Once you get that you can wire up a cable to a DIN plug with all the channel inputs. (LF, LR, RF, RR, Sub) There should be +15V and -15V DC on two of the pins. That's the culprit. If you ground those pins you blow something in the power supply like me. If you feed 15V to one of the amps it'll blow the IC amp. I got lucky (I think) and only blew one resistor. (We'll see tomorrow if I can find a 98K ohm resistor someplace.)   After pulling the electronics out of the sub box I still don't know how to determine which pin goes with which input.  It's late so I'll poke at it tomorrow.   If you come up with a solution, I'd appreciate your reply with the information. This is a wonderful little system with 5 amps inside the box along with the power supply, etc. However, everything is very compact, so you have to be careful when disassembling things. I understand each of the amps is capable of 60W and the sub amp puts out 100W. (Don't quote me. The numbers may be different.) Just feed it with an external preamp and you've got a nice system.   -- George --
    • Sender is “Jimmie Worthman”.  Obviously a scam but I don’t know how they got my email.  
    • Funny, you'd post that as I was having a vision typing away.  lol  THAT would be fun and off the charts good.  Enjoy it! 
    • @Abomb Always nice to move some air, which in turn, moves some hair on your legs in the summertime when you're wearing shorts.     How's that gold card lookin?  😂   Hittin the 80's around here lately.  Possibility of shower's last night so closed the windows a bit.  Woke up slimy.  No rain so crashed again and woke up at noon.  Calling for more garbage tonight.  Too early to fire up the a/c but maybe.   Monday's Memorial Day once again.  The one day of the year I absolutely dread.  Most of the WWII guys are gone and forgotten as are so many of us Nam boys 'n girls.    Duckburg's annual parade will prolly get called for rain and the service will be held at the High School.  Yea, ya stay dry but I wonder how many would stand out in the rain at the cemetery listening to a high school kid recite the Gettysburg Address?  Then the band play a lil diddy and someone play taps.  Prolly not many.   After that, it's down  to the Legion for some piggy and brotherhood?  Yea, then I get my annual water glass full of Scotch neat and think about all of it.  The people, the music and the true cost of freedom.  Yea, it is what it is but...  There's ALWAYS a but.  That ONE darn song.      Fly a flag?  If ya do it's half-staff @ 9AM and back up to full staff at noon.  Carry on!     
    • Since it's already dark it's a little hard to see, but we're helping to roast a couple pigs for a Filipino thing tomorrow. One is about 125lbs the other 150lbs.  
    • i like to adjust equalizer it sounds like dance, rock, etc.
    • Wish I could do that for my own memory... slip in a couple more DIMMs behind the left ear...
    • I get “ This Video is Age Restricted “  Yea right - wind back several decades and I will be under age 🤪🤪
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