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    • I don't think you're missing anything. My question was never really about loudness, but about whether the extra watts add something to the overall sound other than that ability to play it louder.
    • You are correct...I should have said SPL increase rather than loudness.
    • Your numbers are off if using "twice as loud". 1W to 2W is a 3 dB increase and 2W to 4W, 4 to 8, 8 to 16, and so on 3 dBs each time you double a noticeable difference. So if actually using 1W AVERAGE I would want 8W - 16W for 9 - 12 dBs above average (after a year or two I would need 500W minimum to compensate for hearing loss).   1W to 10W to 100W to 1,000W is actually what it takes to be twice as loud (10 dBs). These numbers show how ridiculous it can get chasing wattage.   Didn't someone say something about needing a good 5W amplifier or is that just one of those stories? Of course today a good 5W amplifier can be 20W or 50W or 100W or........
    • I’m sure Volkswagen AG products can also use Klipsch cardboard over their rear windows when necessary.
    • Heresy @ 96 db would be fine with a low power SET in a small room with moderate listening levels. For movies or head banging, probably not. But for lascalas and khorns, high power is wasted on them. And unfortunately, unless you are willing to break the bank on an amp, as the power goes up the quality usually goes in the other direction. It's much easier and less cost prohibitive to build a high quality low power amp. And it's with low power that these extremely high efficiency speakers shine, IMHO.
    • 104 db/ meter , gives us reasonable protection  against clipping . 96 db  as in the Heresy II , much less so , particularly as the room  gets  bigger and the listening distance increases . It’s really about  how loud a guy wants to go . I like to have the capability to go extreme once in a while. It would seem ridiculous to me if  I  couldn’t fully play my Klipschorn /  Lascala front stage to its full potential , maybe I’m missing something here , or maybe not 🤓
    • I do hear what your saying and understand about headroom, peaks vs. continuous, and clipping. All good points. All correct within context. When I'm using the example of an 8 wpc amplifier, my context includes a Klipsch Forte III with 99 dB effeciency. That 99 dB is LOUD by pretty much any standard...loud enough to damage your ears with extended exposure. So, let's say there is a peak in the source material that needs to be twice as loud. That means the amp has to deliver a whopping 2 watts to the speaker. Twice as loud again, 4 watts. Twice as loud again, 8 watts. Now we have to worry about clipping, but we are at 111 dB. And, unless I'm mistaken, an amplifier that can deliver 100 watts will still only deliver 8 watts to achieve that 111 dB. Of course, if we were driving a speaker with 80 dB efficiency, it would be an entirely different context and way more power would be required.   Still, how loud the speakers can get is not really the question. Do those additional unused watts (thanks @82 Cornwalls) contribute anything to the overall quality of the sound, or does the output capability strictly affect volume. I'm leaning to the idea that it is only SPL and other factors like current, topology, etc. are responsible for other aspects of the overall "sound".    
    • Hope you’re joking about the 1972 part.
    • Low power will clip earlier when paired with the wrong loudspeaker. With 104 db speakers you will never clip an 8 watt amp at any level you could withstand for any amount of time. It's all about pairing the right amplifier with the right speaker. If you don't get that part right, all bets are off.
    • If the amplifier gets the job done with a little to spare and sounds better to the user.....   I use less than 1/10 of a watt average with CW 1s in the living room and less than 1/2 of a watt in my more nearfield system in my spare bedroom with 90 dB speakers.    Yes I have heard music played at high levels on a great system and like a couple of things about it (not for long though), but overall I enjoy music so much more at lower levels.
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