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Garage Sale

Have audio-related equipment to sell? Post here!
Remember, Klipsch is not responsible for resulting transactions - buy with caution! No dealers, please.

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  • Remember to be diligent with any online transaction, verifying the legitimacy of the seller and item before purchasing.
  • Klipsch reserves the right to delete any post without warning.
  • Audio related items only.
  • No commercial advertising or sales solicitations by a business.
  • Public discussions concerning transactions or disagreements are not permitted. You must contact the seller directly.
  • You may post a link to your item on sites such as eBay, Audiogon, and Craigslist, however discussions/disagreements concerning these sites or any payment site (i.e., PayPal) are not permitted.
  • Reporting issues: If you feel someone has abused this section of the forum, you must report it directly to a Klipsch Admin or mod using the "report" button. Do not post about thses issues on the forum.
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  • Any post violating the above guidelines will be subject to being closed and/or deleted, and the posting member warned. Repeat violators are subject to being banned.
  • Continued abuse of this section will result in its discontinuation without notice.

Please also be aware that Klipsch warranties are non-transferable.



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    • That´s a lot ! Which cdp you´re using Paul ? Philips ?
    • Going to pick up a can of compressed air for dust removal this afternoon as well. She can't get to the receiver but general dust and hair floating around may be an issue. I think perhaps she may have jostled the wires in the back. With three channels and the sub going all is fine...at the moment.
    • hey @Dave1291  , I think @Chief bonehead will be suprised 😂...or is there anyone who sees anything else than me ? 🤔      
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    • There isn't anyone on this Forum that isn't welcome here.  Bring the wife and kids to Cedar Point on the lake, suck up an hour drive up and back and save 200$ a nite in hotel fees.  Mid-Ohio for racing?  30 minute drive and I'll hook ya up.  Bring your A game and be ready to GO!  If George is welkie you're all welkie!  The way I roll.    Hey @Chief bonehead  look what I had for an afternoon snack yesterday!  They're slammin 'em on Lake Erie right now.  Mah, Charter buddy limits out w/a boat full of ppl in 2 hours on the lake.  What you doin down there?  Get here!  We ain't gonna talk Klipsch ANY thing!  Lake Erie perch & walleye!  We b fishin brother!   Of course I have another pound in the fridge ready for the air fryer shortly!  😂   Nope, NOT sharin.  Mine, mine, mine! 
    • That old record is gone now but it did survive my puppy chewing on it long ago one day! Think I'll be headed to this within a couple months, ya know what? F'it I won't care at all, I'll be outta here! I'm chompin' at the bit lately    
    • Now I know where you live and I might come and harass you Mr DJ next time there is a crossroads festival! You'll be within striking distance... so will @billybob and others if it happens!
    • Yes it is and they were around $10k less two years ago, just like brick and log cabin homes were 50% less then. Now mobile homes sell for $150 + all the time lgb.   Looked at Honda's mostly then Ford, Toyotas and Scooby-Doos have that cvt... no way Jose. Even some Infinitys, VWs, Volvos and Mercedes are priced low. But ownership costs are too high for me. Al have prices just as bad recently in this region.   I wasn't scouring for this brand or model, had been stuck on hyundai's until I searched for hyundai problems. And it's a BIG one! So I put them aside months ago. They are all half motored cars so I did consider them.   I loved that `16 Accord and the `15 before it, this thing is even under 2 tons dry weight. so with the same but newer version motor, it will get better mileage. But it won't resemble a Vette when driven. Well anything over 20 is great to this guy that my first car got 7mpg in town   So the last two weeks hunting showed me which was cheaper around 40 to 60k miles and then how I could get one warrantied by the manufacturer. I'll change my own oil, flush the tranny and simple stuff on my old V-8s, even brakes on the ones from way back. But I'm not an ASE mechanic. Then the fact that there is no one to carry me vehicle shopping or even to do the paperwork, these guys will come and get me from over 100 miles away.   H*ll I've even spent two hours today trying to find a cab so I'm sure to get to the bank early Mon. Recent history show me not to trust what my relative says. Don't say uber, they're bullya, tried and they sent me an invalid code, cleared the cache, started over then copy/pasted the new code from the text and it was invalid too! One cab company in this podunk town answered the phone and he will get a good tip Monday morning!   Not sobbin' but when you look at the hurdles I've got to clear to get out of here, it's worth it.   This is long, but it would have come out of me fast if we were drinking the last of our coffee together like I am now!  
    • The six. hello guys, I figured out the problem with these speakers, the problem is in the mode selection encoder, or rather, that it needs to be soldered, if you don’t have the ability to solder, just turn off the speakers, make one click of the encoder and turn on the speakers, they will work but use the remote. Klipsch ghe fives if you have problem please check ESD and Surge Protection for USB Interface.
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