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    Next time you go bowling, think of my late father, Morton F. Disney Jr., one of the inventors of the Brunswick automatic scorekeeper pinsetter. The first pinsetter that let you concentrate on your beer and your hook, without wasting grey matter on addition. Publication number US3435120 A Publication type Grant Publication date Mar 25, 1969 Filing date May 11, 1964 Priority date May 11, 1964 Inventors William D Cornell, Morton F Disney Jr, Paul R Hoffman Original Assignee Brunswick Corp Export Citation BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan Patent Citations (7), Referenced by (4), Classifications (6) External Links: USPTO, USPTO Assignment, Espacenet Of course, that mechanical monstrosity has been replaced many times over by Increasingly sophisticated computer controlled equipment.
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    wow, color me easily impressed I guess the things one can learn by hanging out/around & reading online - in a speaker forum of all places whodathunkit wait til I tell my GF what I learned on the forum today
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    Morning all, late start with the first cup of at 7:02. Had a Perfect Manhattan last night also hooked up my recently returned VRDs with a Zu cable yesterday. CCC......check. Please don't add a "B" to this topic. I suck at Bowling and it reminds me of cold Michigan winters. Which was pretty much October through May.
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    Not sure what a beer frame is. We always started right after we put the shoes on, until we left.
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    Not a day goes by that upon learning my last name someone asks if I'm related. Who would have thought so many people are aware of an inventor of the automatic scorekeeper? Every now and then it turns out they're referring to some guy named Walt . . . . whoever that is.
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    Hey.....just noticed the CC&C thread has been around for 4 years! Just so much important news here
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    I earned a couple of Gold Medals at the Huntsman Senior Games and then decided that the games were pretty much a non-event for bowling. Organizers didn't have a clue.
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    Yeah and we haven't even covered cars and dogs yet Tell GF to stay tuned.....and send her photo please!
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    Well my brother is 75 (still bowling by the way) so this was 60+ years ago.
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    When my older brother was young he would work as a pinsetter. He said there was a lever you would press down with your foot and spikes would come up through the floor of the lane where each pin needed to sit. There were holes in the bottom of the pins that would sit on the spikes. You also had to roll the balls back. Once the pins were set you had to get the hell out of the way.
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    It was 1964, no optical, just the score. Sort of like Sgt. Friday, “Just the facts mam.”
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    I went through something similar and ended up mounting 1 inch wood blocks to the underside of my TV legs that served a dual purpose of allowing me to use the legs that came with the TV and lifted it just enough to clear the drivers of the center channel but not too high to fit in the cabinet:
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    Indeed. For awhile we had to rely on other countries to throw our payload into space. European space agency, Russia, China etc... Good to see U.S. taking back the lead again or at the very least competing on a level playing field. Being independent is a beautiful thing.
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    I have taken the kids bowling 4 or 5 times over the past couple of years. The older one who is now 15 usually started in a snit claiming that he did not want to bowl. He just randomly threw the ball down the lane. BY the time of the third and fourth games, he was into it and not bad by my standards, probably 120-140. The younger one claimed that the best bowler in the world does not use finger holes, so he would not either. No idea how he even threw the bowling ball but he got good velocity, and I think it really was mostly gutters or strikes. More gutters than strikes. I had not bowled since i was a kid, and it took me a while to figure it out. What I figured out is probably illegal, but I ended up with one knee on the floor at the end of my toss and released the ball about 3 inches off the floor. I used the heaviest ball I could find and just focused on standing at the left edge (I am left handed) and trying to hit the front pin on the right side. After a few times, I was scoring 150-165. I actually contacted the owner of the bowling alley because a client wanted to tear it down and build some apartments. Once he realized what I wanted, he became very angry and yelled that he would never seller to developers and that his kids were going to run the business. The location would have been killer for apartments.
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    https://www.pba.com/Join With a 200 average verification for 36 sanctioned games, and payment of $144 you too could be welcomed into the PBA elite as a Standard Member. But wait, why stop there? For $300 you upgrade to Full Member status and can bowl as many PBA events as you are able. Seriously, bowling still represents a great leisure time activity and if you have young ones, please introduce them to the sport. Here, open play is about $3.50 per game and $3 for shoe rental. I believe bowling may still be the largest single participant sport in the USA, but the numbers are surely dropping. To encourage youth and support the high school teams junior leagues offer kids 3 games and free shoe rentals if needed all for $7 per week. That's $2 per game, a push on the shoes, with the extra $1 going toward the season end banquet, trophies, etc. Once the smoking bans were implemented, bowling alleys got a bit more habitable. Something to do inside during the winter, and a nicely A/C'd venue in the summer.
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    I see tiling and plumpers ametours here; dis bee how ya did it
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    We've got Lasik for the eyeballs, how come something can't be done about losing one's high frequency hearing?
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    It's not fun to look at a chart like that and have to go down to second from the bottom to find your age group. I think 10,000Hz is very optimistic for me. So if we peak at 5 years old, in theory Sesame street songs should be recorded really well you would think.
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    Update. 4 coats of wipe on poly in bad light. Starting to look like a speaker. Thanks for the compliments.
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    Never tried any treatments, about as close to that we have come is a leather and wood bench on one wall. It is where the clean clothes land before being put away, it seems to perpetually have some clothes on it. If it were to sound a little bright in the room just wash some clothes.
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    A good arm swing + good foot work = increased ball speed "naturally". Many older bowlers drop weight to compensate based upon ill advise from the pro-shop. I suppose its easier, and more profitable, to sell another ball instead of giving some instruction to iron out any issues with body mechanics. In that regard, it can't be much different than golf. A $500 driver isn't going to necessarily correct a swing issue & a $200 putter isn't going to "make" the ball go into the hole.
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    That's awesome. Try saying: I'm Batman!
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    wow - that's impressive. he bowls better at 90 than I have ever. not that I've ever bowled much... but still
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    One of my team mates is 90. Still carries a 160-170 average. Excruciating slow on the approach, no power, but a degree of accuracy.
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    I was bowling with friends that are 80+. I learned a lot by watching seniors bowl. Especially, it isn't how hard you hit the pins, if you hit the right place. I always tell folks, "If you are sweating, you are working too hard at it ... relax" I'm 6'2" [or was] and 130lb. Muscling the ball is out. I have to rely on technique
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    you must mean just haven't gotten into them today, eh? I know I've shown her some pics of the cars & shared conversations about the dogs from here. and yet, she still sort of laughs at me when she asks whatcha doin (with your phone) - Klipsching? and we've had the conversation that my "disease" is her fault - she "got me" our 1st pair on the Black Friday sale @ BB. and it's been ON since then! (not my fault!!!)
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    Nope and I've even e-mailed him. Hopefully he's just traveling or something.
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    Morning gang, anyone heard from Steve @BigStewMan ?
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    all the pinsetters I worked were "automatic"... except when we needed to help them. Those holes are still in the bottom of pins.
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    Can't say I worked on any of them. I had some old machines. A few had 4 digit serials. Cast iron. Over built, over engineered ... BEAUTIES We had field converted A to A-2. They are much better than the actual A-2. They decided to save money on the A-2 and over compensated.
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    HaHaHa the pinsetter school has markings up the walls, outside, so you can find the parking spaces after a snow. I used to live in Elkhart [IN] When I was up there helping my sister, I was offered a house in Coloma ... I hate snow, too. Thanks, but, no thanks DizRotus, that cool... the optical Model 79 scanners were in the center I started in.
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    Why limit ourselves to cars. The Tesla weighs 2,877 pounds. For example, with the same weight allowance, we could send 3,513 cans of beer, which might be a better way to introduce us than a car that almost no one can afford. Or we could send a giant Bart Simpson statute.
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    *Scratching chin* I like the way your thinking. Send the crappiest car up there to show how far behind we REALLY are. Show "them" we are not a threat. A little head fake so they don't see what we're really doing. *Evil laugh" Galactic domination! In the meantime I'm just trying to figure out how to put together this Ikea furniture $@&_*
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    Of course! That is always the question. If it is a budget question, for the same money I prefer one good sub over two lessor subs. The current thinking is a pair of matched subs is "standard" and bigger is better. The reasoning is that two subs will provide a more even sound throughout the room, eliminating nulls and peaks. You only gain 3 db by running the second sub, so SPL is not the reason for having two. I run a single 15" in the living room in either 3.1 or 5.1 and I am extremely happy with it. I'm not worried about peaks or nulls and where there are some, I just make sure that's where my wife sits.
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    Hi vasubandu League bowling is generally 3 game sets 600 series is 3 game set [series] that total 600. I don't bowl league. Haven't for years. I would crawl out from under my rock for special occasions. Like the SeniorGames. and the TucsonMasters. The SeniorGame was just for fun. The clients [they are my friends, too] expected me to make a showing. I took all age groups scratch and handicap The Masters was a lark. I took 3rd. I left my mark on the tournament.... a special rule stating you MUST have a 21 game average to participate. But, it's OK to be a regional pro. you spend 20 years working in a bowling alley, you are bound to learn a little, even if you are as slow as me.
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    @Arrow#422 Then what is a 600 series? This is the most interested I have been in bowling in my entire life.
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    Not me. Actually only 3 guys in our local association have ever tossed 2-300 games in the same 3 game set. Local association record for 3 sanctioned games is 877. Me - 817. meh
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    Those were the good ol' days <+> Brunswick Corp is within 10 miles of the house. They used to make it all - pinsetters, lanes, pins, balls, scoring, etc. Now, here, they do R&D, sales, CSR stuff. Balls are now made in Mexico and 150+ jobs went with that. If you bowl, know that Brunswick, Radical, and DV8 are all developed right here in my back yard by guys I regularly share the lanes with. Motiv balls are also made locally by a separate company, which got it's start as a ball core provider for the big B when they were still in town.
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    My 13yo bowled "her" first 600 series this past weekend beating dad to that accomplishment by nearly 2 years. The game has changed so much as well as the social aspect. A 220 average seems to be the new measuring stick, and many are regularly 230-240. 5-300's, 3-800's, Gold rings I don't wear, trophies that were donated long ago, and many award patches sitting in a box. 3 games a week and a 220 average - what's the point?
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    Unfortunately, the record was broken by a guy wearing a speedo.
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    Ha, the only thing I would bet on in a bowling ally is I will keep the ball in my lane and all the way to the pins, and i still wouldn't bet much.
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    I have much more fun beating up on the kids.
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    I got to the point, that I consider bowling on a house shot as entertainment. Even when I was competing ... I'm just going to have fun, whether I score good or not. It just a game. Not life or death. Now I am a "usta"... I usta be able to ... Caught up with some of the clients I used to serve at a center in Tucson. That was fun. I was on my way home from the Dr about my back . She encouraged me to do as much as possible, to a point ... So, I threw a few balls. Maybe not the smartest thing. When I was working on Kauai, we were the only game in town, and the bowlers LIKED oil. We ran a "fair crown". 200 was high average in the house. ... they like to gamble, too. You could walk out of a night of league bowling $1000 to the good. Just the league pots, not side bets
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    Yes, I've had it like this for a couple of years. The MC275 allows you to select the ohmage of the speakers you're using, you can have any number attached, you just have to plan for the ohmage (in my case, two in parallel) and you're good to go. On their sides? No, that would require more space than I have available. I might could fit them sideways but it isn't a requirement to me to have the best possible configuration; when you get to my age, that's something for younger ears and a degree of perfection I've never had. As this is, when I'm jamming to music, the sound is at my ear level instead of coming from below, that means a lot to me (Been a musician for 62 years now). Multiple subs sounds interesting, I might go there but not right away, I'll have to see if one satisfies me, if not, I'll get another. Not that I'm wealthy but at this point in life, I can do things I couldn't do before. Here's a photo, ignore the clutter on the right, I'm adjusting what is in the rooms, it'll be cleared out in a couple of days.
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    I'm a 200 avg bowler, but as WIllybob says, the conditions of todays game make many of us about 20 to 30 pins a game better than in the day.
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    They should have sent a Pinto or a Vega, and left it there, this way any aliens would have felt sorry for us.
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    Since I quit hangin' with, or they quit hanging with me all I've had is my faves off of Discipline and Three of a Perfect pair on a 110 cassette. Found this and it should be getting to me soon. Not as good as LPs but at least I don't have to baby-sit the cd transport! It is a good bit of their `69 - `84 with excessive artwork included.
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    @Full Range your post of the cover of this LP Looks so similar to a few photos I saved from two years ago 1-21-16. Saw it online, searched for more and found a lot of photos taken by regular people that saw this eerie, awesome, magnificent and possibly prophetic cloud formation. These were taken by someone in Madeira, Portugual.
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    At the top of the ad it says not working. Me either, I used a Y and sent half to my mains and half to the sub (X-30).
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    Beautiful! Excellent presentation.
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