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Amy rises in the ranks

Trey Cannon

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Aw shucks, thanks guys. And don't worry, you'll still see me on here. My title still includes Den Mother! Perhaps less time, but I'll still be watching. [:)]

(and thank you, Trey! We have seen lots of changes and have had a few laughs along the way, haven't we?)

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was it our fabulous posts that got you the promotion?


Never mind the last post. It was supposed to be kept secret, uh I was hallucinating. That's it. Dadburn meds out of whack again. Durn doctur 'sperimentin' on me agin. I think she likes turning muh brane into mush. Djkwou. sdjkjw 2ifnjsdl!

Ahhh. I'm onto her now. It's all so clear. The drug company reps bribe her to use me and I'm sure other patients as guinea pigs to test the effects of new meds with others. That explains how she can afford lunch and a car that runs on a general practitioner's salary only a decade or so out of med school....

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