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Important message about one of our own


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I paid a short visit to Kettering Ohio last week. Dean and I had been chatting via phone the past couple of weeks and it's an easy drive (why is it when a friend is sick we don't know what to say so we say nothing?). The first call I'd made to him in a while we laughed until we cried. I've offered to loan him the great pink pillow of healing (yes it's mine, want to make something of it LOL). Seems one of the kiddos had done some speaker blowing up so took him a replacement stereo for his basement refuge where the workbench is located. I understand he's got the HK receiver working marvelously so he still knows which end of the soldering iron to hold. Gotta report he's in great hands and spirits, but you've got to expect that from someone with such a wry sense of humor as Dean. We (and the Littles ) aren't done with you by a long shot, you've got a lot to teach us, not just about crossovers, but about living through some of life's monumental challenges. We'll all probably face something similar one day and you're facing this in exactly the way I'd want to. God love ya buddy! Michael

every week i drive up I-75 to 675 to wilmington pike to my kids house and see the sign, welcome to Kettering, i know Dean lives here somewhere. it will mean so much more now. if you need any help with anything i can be there in 50 minutes. good luck Dean

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Sorry not to have been able to get on the forum and read this over the weekend. But I am one of those praying types (actually so are SWMBO and the 2 kids), so Dean's on the list.

Haven't had the privilege yet of speaking with him (or even PM or email), but certainly look forward to making remedy for that in the future.


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As I read the posts with a lump in my throat and fighting back the tears in my eyes - Dean I have mountains of respect for you sir! I know you will fight valiently no matter the outcome. You helped me greatly over the years having owned a number of sets of your custom networks and a few conversations on the phone a number of years ago seems like you are family. My prayers are with you and your family. I am still enjoying your many contributions to the forum and the people here.

Hang tough!

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We've not met but I've seen you at HOK and Pilgrimage 2007 (I was drive by stop in with daughter when y'all had cleared out Michael's garage and were recreating the Who album cover shot.... Jay gave me the quick tour of HOK excited like a kid on Christmas morning. I hope I didn't drool on anything.. I'll be visiting Michael tomorrow after an appointment nearby.

Was that the 430 or 730? Doc's friend thought I could tell model by weight (jokingly, I think) when I picked 'em up from Doc a few months ago. Seemed pretty simple. The 730 is heavier than the 430. I've got an AVR 85 that needs some work.... hoping to learn to fix it myself. Harry Bailey told me how to fix one issue. The other, no output in left main I hope just a fuse or bad solder connection but didn't notice anything with a cursory look.

Know my good man that you're in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy full recovery and that you and your family and friends have the strength, courage, and sense of humor to get through this.

I lost an uncle, aunt (his wife) earlier, and mother to colon cancer. My aunt, Mom's sister, beat some really nasty cancer (might explain the photo on last visit with a glowing halo around her?). Only to ran over by a semi a few months later, killing my uncle instantly with Aunt Mary hanging on for a few more months so we're all going to go when out time comes.

Hope I can meet you some day.

Marty doesn't know of the Twins uncle? Hmmmm.

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Dean, hang in there buddy! My ex gf battled stage 4 breast cancer and beat it. Stay positive, and surround yourself with family and friends that do likewise. The power of God and positive thought can do amazing things. You and your family will be in my prayers.


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