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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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Why, yes it is... ;)


Here's a pic of the facade of the old cathedral in Macau. It was destroyed after a fire in stables next to the cathedral spread ...


Macau is very small, but has quite a few old Catholic churches on the islands... very well maintained (and attended). If I could find a job there, I would love to live there.




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I think that gambling in China ( casinos... and so on) is forbidden, so they have allowed it in Macau, which is an SAR (Special Administrative Region), like Hong Kong, to allow all the new rich in China (and all of asia) to come and lose their money.


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Nikon F2, Nikkor 50mm f1,4 auto s.c.

Kodak Tri-X film




I used to buy Tri-X in 100 ft rolls.  Saved a lot of money rolling my own.  The Nikon F2 was my go to camera for nearly 30 years until I bought a D200 in 2006.

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Nice colors :)


@Seadog - I barely can find one normal box og Tri-X these days, except if I want to order from Amazon, Adorama etc. I buy it from local Kodak dealer and that is if I am lucky they have it on the shelves. Last time they ordered it for a special customer and he did not come to pick it up. 100 ft roll will certainly save some money, I remember these times.


F2 is nice and fits me well. I like the curtain shutter and solidity although I should try to find AS prism that works properly. The meter in my A prism is going dead slowly. I know how much it is off so I compensate the measurment, at lest it is consistent in the offset.

In addition to F2 I still use FG, FE, F90x, F80. And for 6x6 film a faithful YashicaMat.

FG is so small and convenient when going out on a bike, that I still did not buy d3300 that I was lookong for quite some time.

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