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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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Ha!  I shot at National Trails near Cbus one year for the Nationals or something.  Local guy actually built and owned the place so I got a couple all-area credentials from him and decided to shoot down on the starting grid.  I mean why not right?  One of the biggest rushes of my life.  When that light hit green and they hit it???  Wanna talk intensity?  Fuel fumes, the noise and just the release of everything around you just took your breath away.  I sucked it up and got some great stuff but never again that close!  Nuts!  Had a nice shirt and jeans on then I noticed these lil black specs all over me.  Grease?  Ummmm no...  Melted rubber!  Hahahaha.  My central nervous system was whacko yet the next day!  

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