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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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You're another here I have things in common with.


First car in `79 was a `73 400 MAGNUM SE Charger.

At mom's house there would be that plus a 67 383 MAG Charger, a `69 440 RT Charger, `74 RT 340 Challenger, `70 Chevelle 396 and the Goat... a`65 Tri-Power 4spd 389 Balanced/Blueprinted GTO.

Sometimes Mom's `72 Great White Buffalo (Impala) would be there at the same time!

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Well mine was the slowest there besides the buffalo. Had the pretty Challenger beat with RWHP but his was light and geared a little higher so...

Charlotte wasn't Detroit but Nascar made it's imprint, Budweiser and testosterone were celebrated back then!

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This is a picture of the Roy Rogers Exhibit that was set up in the Cowboy Museum at the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. I took the picture from my table during the 2016 Fall Texas Gun Collector’s Association Show (TGCA).



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Not Mine. I'm not down in Fort Myers, FL.

I know their must be casualties, this is a little different.

Lucky me my friends dad worked at the big Mopar dealer across town. As a 1st & 2nd grader I got to ride in two or three different one of these with that "beep beep" Roadrunner horn.

Persian rugs and things like that would never be a measure of my life. My dream was a 1970 Hemi Superbird!

Not even the much more rare upright Dodge Daytona could have survived the saltwater.

RIP Beauties!







He could have called me, I'd have driven them out of FL with loving care and not charged him for it.

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Oops the left one is a Dodge with that stripe
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You all know this guy ...more or less





The hospital where I´m in right now owns an amnethists looke like the guy above , couldn´t belive the size of that cristall, the biggest one I´ve seen in my life










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