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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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Bruce, if you want to get a spectacular view, Malahat Skywalk is the place to be.  I haven't been there, but I think it's about a 30-minute drive North from Victoria.  It's a spiral construction that puts you 5 or 6 storeys above the top of the Malahat.  Of course, you'll want to go on a clear day.  Mount Baker (75 miles/120 km East of Victoria) will be easy to see, but if it's really clear, you might be able to see Mount Rainier (125 mi/200 km Southeast of Victoria), peeking up from behind the Olympic Range.  The water far below (about 1200 feet below) is Finlayson Arm, a long arm (or maybe fjord) of the Juan de Fuca Strait.  The water south of Victoria is the Strait of Juan de Fuca, while the water to the East and North is Georgia Strait, which is called the Salish Sea nowadays, after the Salish First Nation, mostly the Coast Salish.


You may have noticed that Mount Baker isn't directly East, more like East-North-East (ENE).  That's because Victoria is actually south of the US border.


Bruce, you seem to have brought the rain with you.  This year, that's a good thing, since yesterday's rain was the first since early July.  We had a cold damp Spring until late June, making us think we wouldn't have much of a summer, then it totally dried up and there was only about 5 mm of rain for the next 4 months.  It was quite a bit hotter than usual, and warm weather records continued to be broken up until a week ago.  We've been enjoying the warm evenings, but the farmers hoped their crops would survive, and the record low water levels in the rivers were dangerous for the fish.  It's a good thing the rain didn't wait any longer to come.

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Pat, thanks for all the tips and info. I know we'll miss a lot since we are only up here for a week. We spent most of Sat. visiting one of Carna's classmates from college, whom she hadn't seen for 42 years. Got to overeat on Filipino food. It was lots of fun but we didn't get to do much touristy things in Vancouver.


We'll make our way from Nanaimo to Victoria today. We've got Carna's older son and gf, meeting up with one of Carna's other friends. Just too little time to see what we would like to see. Wish we had three weeks and unlimited funds. 🤣


We will take ferry back Tsawwassen tomorrow morning, to drive up to Merritt for the rest of the week.


The weather's been fine, no rain at all, but a bit cloudy. The temps are ok, too, and sunny today.


Gotta go...

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Ah, my wife found out another Filipina friend, from her high school years, works at a lovely small hotel in Victoria. A Tudor style house built in the 1930s. They're sitting in the library telling stories. I'm having coffee, sitting by the fire...






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I set a woodland rat in front of my camera to see what would find it, and a Red Shouldered Hawk took and flew away with the rat. I'm surprised a bird of prey would take it as it was already dead, must have been hungry...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            20221023_090546.thumb.jpg.51d4e328abf39e080ad5abdb702be31b.jpg20221023_090437.thumb.jpg.e8eb0f872df3f509731dcbbde0e5607e.jpg

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