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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Good afternoon everyone....    I was interested in your stories concerning inpections...    Here in MA.  It is once a year and cost is $35.    It is a head to toe inspection ....   I would be happy to scan my latest report from this past Sept.  on my 2012 Ford Escape and share with you all the points of the inspection for your viewing pleasure ^_^...


Thanks for that detailed report MPK.....   Save travels in your BIG SUV kind sir :D.... 

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13 minutes ago, dtel said:
1 hour ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:

So this was my lunch at the shop yesterday....it's a Cuban sandwich.... man these things are good.


MKP :-)

Not exactly sure what it is but it looks good.

I also was not sure what was on those things. 1st time I had one my buddy Jimmy brought them to the shop for me and The BOSS. We were hungry and man they hit the spot. 

They sound nasty but boy are they good: Kinda like a flat bread with ground beef, sausage, fried egg. hot dog split in half, jalapenos peppers, guacamole, lettuce and some ham. I think that's it:lol: oh and the habanero pepper sauce... I also order mine with extra jalapenos...


Oh man it's 3:00 we gotta get the heck out of here.... Not like were gonna be late and like I always say ....... "It's on time when I get there"


MKP :-)



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Kinda like the inspections done here in KS if you buy a used car/bike with out of state title. Inspection? Not really. Hiway Patrol looks at the title, matches it to the VIN in the car and done, thanks, your inspected. $15 please ----. That's it for vehicle inspection  in the Sunflower State.

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Good Friday Evening gang


Sittin down after standing in front of the Lathe for most of the day.

Turning some Alum for the RV project.


Major Dickinsons bean Coffee/Duggans.


My Xmas wish list will now consist of a new Mill, been shopping a little.

My new indexing table for the large drill press is ok, but i know better, aint nothing like a good Mill.


Wife seems to be fine with me taking half of her garage for a machine shop.

Just got to keep it clean daily, there will be hell to pay as soon as she finds an Alum Chip in the carpet.  


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5 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

past five years, i believe. here’s the story.

That is really sad. I don't cut a down unless I have to...even if it's only what I call a weed tree. The picture in the article look to be pines. The pines in this area are a shallow rooting trees and root out rather than deep down. 


I have harvested (for heat) a few dozen Ash in only a few years. They're dying and falling fast due to the Emerald Ash Borer. Unfortunately, the Ash tree has no rot resistance: It goes from standing to rotten in a short time. If it's seasoned and dry, it has plenty of heat. If it's been on the ground very long, it seems to take more btu to dry it than it produces.

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