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30 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Sorry to hear about the bad dentistry guys, that's a real shame. I feel I have a good dentist, we get along fine.



Mine also, I avoid him unless something hurts. 


I do go see a dentist three hours from home at least once a month, :o but he's a forum member and in no way any dentist work is done, my kind of dentist.  :)

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Well in Ca we have our share of flaky dental providers.

Iv always had fairly good ins, and it seems most play the "Max it OUT" game.

Im now on Dentist #5 in seven years, and this being the same office as flake #4, ill see how things go for a bit.

My teeth are by no means a "Mess" never have been, but when you azz is in the chair, who the hell else do we listen to?



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2 hours ago, Tigerman said:

It gets worse..... with pulling a molar that they filled TWICE on TWO different visits!,  but did not catch the rot BELOW the gumline with their xrays!!   Need I say, the resin fillings are very pricey, so, $500 worth in the yanked molar PLUS the added $165 to extract it?!?


Next time, get gold.


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10 minutes ago, JL Sargent said:

It's interesting that "testing" discovered Listeria in a couple of Blue Bell Products. To my knowledge, nobody ever got sick from it. 100 years and counting, lots of Blue Bell everywhere around here now.


As im eating my waffle with 1/4 stick of butter on it.......:angry2:

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