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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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11 hours ago, billybob said:

Poppa, you deserve it,lol ha ha.Sleep tight young feller...;) Hope you had a Cuban today;)

Hittin the hay soon:emotion-21:Congratulations...again!

No Cubans yesterday.  I need to get on to my son-in-law and explain the whole "have a kid, give out cigars" thing is supposed to work.

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19 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

Again?  What did your dentist just buy a boat and needs help with the payments?

hope you’re not in pain.  my next appointment is January 3rd.  Dentist wants to do a root canal re-treatment which WON’T be covered by insurance.  I said, Nope! Yank it instead.  it’s the very back molar--i won’t miss it.

Seems my original guy is now gone, seperated from the owner of the office, his now former wife.

New chick gets in my face and every dam tooth she has an issue with.

So what the hell has this punk been doing in my mouth for the last three years?

No ONE can anser that!> so this jerk-weed fleeced my insurance and took cash besides, for little to nothing to show for work preformed!

That ladies and gents is an azzhole.

NOW, i have another dentist i pay on the side just to CONFIRM the work they say needs to be done, and it aint much.

Second opinion is priceless. lesson learned.



Yanking the worthless molars is the best thing going, hell the Navy Dentist yanked mine before Nam.


NOTE:  one molar has Came/Grown back TWICE!!!, only to be yanked AGAIN!!!

My Molars are like Hitlery, they just wont go away.

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Hey there Miner and friends, sorry to learn that news about your dentist!  You are far from alone... 


I left mine a couple years ago because I felt my technician and the dentist (my good neighbor and partner with 3 other associates at his office) were in kahoots..(meaning, making stuff up!, I could even hear them whispering behind me while I lay in the chair!)  


They started this thing,  wanting to drill one of my eye teeth because there was a 'little something'... HUH? .   He says he wants to do a 'llittle' fix on it... I make the appointment for a few days later, and  yeah, he drills it, puts in the fancy resin filling at my request, sends me on my way with this damn BURR I never had before.   I was upset enough to go into my sanding dept. at our shop, grab some 600 grit and finish the job!!!!  Ah, much better.....


It gets worse..... with pulling a molar that they filled TWICE on TWO different visits!,  but did not catch the rot BELOW the gumline with their xrays!!   Need I say, the resin fillings are very pricey, so, $500 worth in the yanked molar PLUS the added $165 to extract it?!?   Rediculas, and a waste, and since I don't have insurance....ouch!


A few cleanings later............he starts up after my tech was done with a cleaning,  playing with the eyetooth yet AGAIN!!   Wants me to come back and do another 'little fix'....     a SECOND TIME?!  I make the appointment alright... I said to myself, NEVER coming back here....nice as they are, . too much money going down the drain without much improvement in the mouth... 


My search continues, but I feel they are all in on  it....   


I looked into Aspen Dental...........figured I may try dentures and be done with flesh and bone...  I get the free xrays, doc tells me nothing I already don't know.   Front desk gal wants to take impressions right then and there!!  I say WOAHA!, I need to think about this.  Darn mid-grade dentures will run me $9100 !!!    They want me to finance through them at the rate of 21% !!!!!!  What the......... !    They called me, sent emails which I ignored and then I decided to write them and ask to have an itemized bill showing where all that money is going.    That was only a few months ago, I NEVER heard back.....  interesting....not surprised however...


Sorry, just had to share..


Ok, off the soap box ;)   


Enjoy your evening my friends...



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My dentist retired and sold his practice to a chatterbox who loves to spend my money.


Some months ago I broke a crown on a molar.  It's not visible and it causes me no pain, but stringy food now gets caught.  He was ready to charge me $900 to repair it.  I declined.


While recently in China I broke a crown on a molar on the other side.  That prompted me to do something I'd considered doing for a long time.  I made an appointment at the University Detroit Mercy Dental School.  The costs are generally a third the cost of a regular dentist.  The appointments take longer because it's a teaching facility.


So far I'm very impressed.  I have had the most thorough dental examination in my life, including the most comprehensive x-rays ever taken. The equipment and procedures are state of the art. The professors oversee the diagnoses of the dental students.  So far, the lower cost is a bonus.  The care is better than I ever got from my old dentist.



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