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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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21 hours ago, Marvel said:

Just finished my first week back at work since I was booted last April. Making only slightly less than the previous job and the environment is great. Doing IT/desktop support where my wife also works, a facility that works with developmentally disabled folks. We're about 70% linux and the rest is Windows. At 67, I am ok with it.


I am glad to hear this, congrats.

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Morning all.....

Merry Christmas to all my CC&C buds... I really enjoy the hanging out with you guys... 


Just catching up on the posts... looks like all is doing good..


Bruce, glad to here your back to work :emotion-21::emotion-21:


27 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:


It looks like Jake is a happy dog!


If I had a plate like that in front of me I'd be happy too..... 


51 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

Jake's Christmas breakfast.  He said he wanted a really big ham biscuit.

Yea Chuck that's some fine dinning:lol:


Well no mob at this house today... Just our youngest daughter, her boyfriend and dog stayed over last night. Stony & Boney were not real happy about that.. My daughter's boyfriend left with the dog just a minutes ago. Were all going up to The BOSS's moms house in a bit. The mob will be over there. However the mob will not come all at once. We can't have everyone at once cuz The BOSS's mom gets worked up if there a lot of people in the house. She tries to get up and do stuff and then when she can't get up she gets frustrated... We just gotta keep mom calm..


OK gang... I'll check back later, again a Merry Christmas to all.... enjoy the day...


MKP :-)


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