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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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32 minutes ago, RandyH said:

--Linn Sondek  -


We need pictures, those are gorgeous turntables and mine was purposefully made to resemble one. Except I've seen pics of a couple here that had "stripes" run around the plinth like with a router that made them look even more distinct!

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Atta  boy Randy!  Running the same thing here.  What cart ya running?  Had my tech put the  Dynavector 20X2H on last summer and the trampoline base when he went over it.  First time in forever it had been gone over.  Next update is $5k for the carousel stuff and that will only happen if I hit the lottery.   :)  Amps/speakers?  Asking for a friend.  hahaha


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Two guys with a van tried to haul my old system out one night 40 years ago.  I was at work and my neighbor heard the back door glass breaking. lol  Was a dog n pony show.  Cops contacted me at the plant and told me to go home but not go hear the house.  I was like HUH?  Got there, grabbed the PPK under the dish towels and asked the cop where he was..  He laffed and said he was gone already.  I had one in the hopper and he was dyin laffin and asked if I was gonna shoot him.  I said yup it's a good thing he's gone.  hahaha  Knew every cop at the house that night.  4 city and 3 deputies said they had the house surrounded.  hahaha  They all got 2-5 but were out in 18 months.  Had I been home it wouldn't have been pretty.  :)   Next day the alarm system went in.  This place had one from day one.  :)  


Grand is here tonight and it is raining.  Her mother grounded her from her electronics so she's begging me to go on youtube.  hahaha  Just cut a deal.  She has to listen to Rider's on the Storm in entirety then she gets time on youtube til she goes to bed.  That would be in 20 minutes.  hahahaha  :)

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12 hours ago, babadono said:

is getting out alive

Taxi from Africa
The Grand Hotel
He was drunk -
A big party last night.
Back, going back
In all directions.
Sleeping these insane hours.
I'll never wake up in a good mood again.
I'm sick of these stinky boots.

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15 hours ago, babadono said:

Riders on the storm..........

RandyH has to keep his stuff secret..too close to the Canadian border... those thieves🍁

Canadian or American or Foreign booze ,  in Can$  exchange ,  no tax -eh , love  those 🍁 

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Got one of those funny pots of coffee this morning.

You ever, when running out of one bag of beans put a dissimilar bean in the hopper and mix the two flavors?

A dark Sumatran then a medium Costa Rican and..... Won't toss it but I'll have to make second coffee to get over it!


Happy Day y'all  :smile:

"Don't borrow trouble" and it can be!

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