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6 hours ago, Marvel said:


You're talking about jalousie windows... they have a lot of those in the Philippines. Not sure if they are going into new construction, but that type of window is still made here, too.

I have some in my basement and they are jalousiest fitting windows I’ve ever seen.

Not great for our winters.

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Yeabut, they would let the breeze in. On low - closed or high - opened. Same with the afternoon thunderstorm the floor was always tile in those connector rooms I was talking about.

It was always better to take them down and leave the screen up when they were on a back porch.

Had to put poly on them with duct tape in the winter. I will even admit most all the windows today are an improvement from 50+ years ago.

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8 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

We have modern dual layer vinyl frame windows upstairs.

The basement still has the Jalousie and some other aluminum framed single pane windows that get wrapped in plastic during the winter months.


I don't know how well they would last here. UV eats everything plastic, rubber or the resin in fiberglass. Metal lasts forever... 

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1 hour ago, Marvel said:

Our pollen count reached nearly 2700 the end on the week, down to 1799 today.


Seriously, people are wearing masks because of the pollen.

I haven’t tried to count it but it seems pretty high.

The air had a greenish glow to it earlier as the sun was setting.

Kind of like being at a Primus concert.

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31 minutes ago, Invidiosulus said:

Do they count the pollen there?

In the Philippines?

Yes, but I haven't found what  is normal for there. It's lower from June to Oct.... the wet season.

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we have some pollen... nothin like what you guys are talkin'. You have to brush your windshield if you park outside.


Tucson hit 100` yesterday. That's kinda early. Could be something ... or not. 


Spotify seems to run pretty well on this chromebook. 

Next thing... get an adapter for the card from my camera.  

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