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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Just returned from having my ten year 'procedure'... :blink:  Since I didn't eat anything at all yesterday, I was ready to have breakfast today. Yum! Fresh rice, some leftover lechon (roast pig) and a couple of eggs. Added a fresh asian mango to top it all off. Finishing a fresh cup of coffee  and will take a good nap. Good news is I can wait another ten years before I do it again... :emotion-21:








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Back from a whirlwind nc trip! So sorry we couldn't connect Chuck. My uncle who was hosting the reunion has leukemia and is on his last days, so his kids had to leave midweek and I took over part of rage hosting duties which ate up my free morning. Hopefully in Hope we'll meet up sometime!

Left mid 90's for high 70's, but it feels great!

Enjoying cup number one.

Have a great rest of the week all!

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Heading to post office to ship out the last of the Pilgrimage "goodies". Hopefully, this last shipment will take care of everyone who couldn't attend or placed orders! Thank you for your patience! I'm sure the post office will be happy to see me..again.


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Morning all............ It's............ FRIDAY :emotion-21::emotion-21:

Got some of the Hawaiian Gold KONA Coffee going on this morning... I like this one alot..... The other coffees blends that The BOSS got are good but so far the KONA is #1 for me.

So.... I did a real bonehead move earlier this week. Last weekend I took my jump box home cuz I thought my tractor might need a jump start. Well the tractor started but I left the jump box in the bed of the F-250. Tuesday at the shop I needed the jump box..... then I remembered it was in the back on the truck.... No big deal but it was raining it's a$$ off all day.

We got home that night after dinner. I could hear this sad sad beeping noise when walking to the truck. The LED was going crazy... I got it in the house a turned it upside down in the sink and water just poured out of it. Not only was it in the back of the truck but it was laying flat and just filled up with water.

I took the unit apart in hopes it would just dry out...... not so..... one of the two circuit boards was very warm to the touch... I sprayed it off with some contact cleaner. it was just falling apart. Not good :(

Mannnnnnn........ this was one off the best jump boxes I have ever owned........ So Thursday The BOSS and I went to the Battery Warehouse to get another jump box. Those guys at the Batt Warehouse treat me good. I send quite a few customers there way when people don't want one of my Interstate Battery's.....

The box goes for $200 but they let me have it for $170 and no tax ;) We could have got the same box from the internet for $135 but I like to support my local small business.

Getting another Suzuki Samurai ready for sale..... this is a real nice truck....but I just don't need it..... I need to get The BOSS's Samurai back on the road... Planing a 1.6 Geo tracker engine swap this year... I got the Geo a few months back...

Well The BOSS's mom is doing Sooooo better..... She seems happy and gives me a great big smile when she sees me :D ....... We got a tablet for our daughter so we can do some video chatting with mom. Our daughter will call and tell mom to look...... and you can see mom looking around and when she sees us her face just "lights up" ..... Really good stuff :lol: ....

OK gang gotta roll...... wishing all a great Friday......

MKP :-)



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Hey gang ... Happy Friday. Getting mentally prepared for my weekly grass cutting/trimming fest. Better Half Unit has put me on notice that we are going to have our first big blow-out party/bbq in several years to repay all of the social obligations we've been ignoring. Told her okay but stock up on Tums and Advil. When this happens, I usually am assigned to the grill for hours. All in all, it's fun.


Have a great day. Will try to check back.

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this was one off the best jump boxes I have ever owned........


I made one for our shop.  All you need is a set of jumper cables (cut in half) a battery, a battery tender, a couple terminals and a small hand truck.  Everything can be had fairly cheaply and it will jump off anything you'd ever need it to.

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