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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Morning gang.... a good Saturday to all....


I'm Here Chuck :)


Was at the shop late last night working on Emma's Civic (youngest daughter).... Didn't get home till after 10:00.... Still got to get the car to the alignment shop, do that next week sometime.


Today The BOSS and I will be working on the new office at the house... got my new/used desk from CL...it's really nice....and the guy we got it from was very nice. The BOSS spoke with him over the phone and he said he'll take $75 for the deck.... Had it listed for $100...... Anyway when we got there he was very excited to meet me... The BOSS told him that we had a shop and I had been working on Asian car's for 30+ years... He has two Toyota's.... a Camry and a Tacoma. He Told me he it tired of being taken advantage of and has been looking for a new shop. He helped me load the deck and he didn't take a penny for it..... He said "just speaking to you guys I can tell your good people and the desk is yours" :)

Well ok then..... that's cool.... good karma....


Well The BOSS is yelling at me.... looks like we getting ready to dismantle the office..... I'll check in later...


Give me a minute I'll load a few pics of Emma's Civic...


MKP :-)






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3 hours ago, JL Sargent said:


Forgive yourself for whatever decisions you had to make. I leaned that here at this forum and its really true. Not always easy coming into this world and its not always easy to leave it either. Thats just the way it is regardless of any decisions we make.

Actually JL, I was replying to richieb on a previous page and guess I got too creative with my computer skills. Appreciate the sentiment though, as in my reply to richieb.

Maybe good that I post here as little as I do...:)

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I'm working on the lightning stuff and making some headway!


Bought an AC control board off Ebay and swapped out my bad one. 

Dish Network replaced my receiver.

swapped out my bad ice maker only to discover voltage going to ice maker not correct. :( Main board suspect.

swapped out Blu-ray power supply and its back to working.


Still plenty to do.

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48 minutes ago, JL Sargent said:

MKP, I'm surprised those lenses look that good. The ones I've tried to polish were smokey from the INSIDE of the lens too.


Oh I didn't polish them..... I replaced em:D..... Over the years of working on that Civic I polished them two or three times.... it was time for new ones.


As cheap as I can buy aftermarket units I just wasn't polishing them again...


MKP :-)

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Only had a large coffee this a.m., as we headed to a Filipino-American summer picnic. Was great, super hot, glad we had two roast pigs...


Left early to get to Atlanta, so we can easily get wife to her U.S. citizenship interview at 9:00 am.  We're tucked into our hotel across the street from the USCIS office, going to get a good night's sleep, get up early and have a great day!

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Sunset over Lake Michigan at Point Betsie Lighthouse Frankfort, MI.


The attached photos appear in the reverse order from how I attached them.  The freighter photo is fuzzy because it was merely a speck on the horizon until I used the "telephoto" feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


I still prefer using a camera that cannot also order a pizza, but the quality of phone pics is now so good it makes it harder to justify always carrying a real camera,


7 - Copy.jpg

1 - Copy.jpg

5 - Copy.jpg

3 - Copy.jpg

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