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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Technically you can shutoff the main breaker and then plug in the generator at your handy 220 volt outlet (dryer). This is frowned upon as some leakage could occur and harm the linemen but frankly that is the way a lot do it. Officially you buy a generator / line disconnect panel.

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Mornin' all. It's almost a weekend. Great job on that Klipsch booth at the festival.


Gotta start gearing up for a brief vacation to the Durango, CO area next Wed. It's one of the prettiest parts of the state and lots to do from fly fishing to white water. Will let Better Half Unit decide since she's the one who really needs a vacation.


Tarheel (Chuck) ... sounds like a successful conclusion to your career as LF's project manager. Congrats.


Have a good Friday folks and cheers.

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Going to pop a top soon to oldtimer, hoping his situation is improving in some way...

Had to give Icehouse a break this time, Stella again in the fridge...B)

Not tasting as good with my schnapps shots...

Heresies under the tent...Didn't know they had melons that far north...:o

Bet they are sweet...:)


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8 hours ago, billybob said:

What's happening Steve...you bring lifr to me and others,,,man

nothing of note really happening, been a slow summer. my exile wasn’t just from the forum--it was from everything except work. so, i’ve had a lot of time to be introspective--and i’ve concluded that i’m pretty messed up. But, it’s got me this far, so I gave myself a pay raise and told myself to shut up--and they say money isn’t a motivator (ok, it really isn’t; but, it beats a handshake). 

was thinking of running for president; but, saw a poster for the Randy Quaid/Gary Busey ticket and figured they’d do a better job than I would.

Taking off later this week to Oregon. Going to scout out the location where I’ll set up my empire next Spring. Of course, i developed a toothache and now have to see the dentist two days before I leave--same tooth that i had a root canal last February. Think I’ll tell him to numb me up like it’s nobody’s business and yank the tooth.

enjoy your Saturday.


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