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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Rain here all week.  This has been one of the wettest summers I can remember and we typically get a lot of rain.  It's so hot here that I normally have to water the grass in the summer to keep it from drying out even with our normal rainfall.  I think I've watered once or twice this year.  It's been crazy.


Mark, that fruit looks other worldly.  I've never seen anything like that before.

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Hey gang...getting ready to head out for a few days vacation. Heading SW to Durango, CO area. Planning to go to Mesa Verde and maybe do a little white water. Not sure how much internet access we'll have but will try to check in. Will be home some time on Sunday.


Hang in there and back soon.



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Glad to be back home, it was fun in Arkansas representing Klipsch and the new museum but it's nice to come home.


The best part was hanging out with friends.


Some of the speakers set up for people to look at, a cutaway Khorn and one from 1947, it is number 18, they have come a long way.




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22 hours ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:

Afternoon all....

Yea it's a HOT one again this afternoon...

My Korean buddy stopped in this morning....did a quick cash job on his old 96 Accord Wagon...

He hooked me up with a little snack.... a Dragon fruit:P....really good...




MKP :-)

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Ever have one of these

Cherimoya, Yum yum



Image result for cherimoya  Guanabana, looks the same but slightly different taste


lucuma, OMG to die for delicious

my better half is originally from Peru, that's where these are from.. They have others as well that we don't know here but the names escape me.


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China travel suggestions?


At the end of October I'm going to China, Guangdong Province, on business.  I'm looking for suggestions regarding the best way to learn to say, please, thank you, hello, goodbye and where is the bathroom.  Any software or programs to recommend?  Also, any suggestions regarding food to sample or avoid are welcomed.  The itinerary is set, so sight seeing suggestions are unnecessary.

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