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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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What to tell you all here ? Of course I´m listening to music, but beeing on the digital line at the moment . These new GoldNote M9 Class D Hybrid Monoamps are driving me crazy , they do sound on the level from my tubegear , but having the italien sound signature with a liquied flow in musicality paired with a big 3 d sound stage image, so impulse powerful these 200 watt / 8 Ohm babes . In any case they do sound much better than the ss-stage from marantz amp. I´really love theses little babes 🤩


I had to wait more than three weeks for the deliverence from the second mono amp, they were shipped seperately, one package was lost and were found back a good three weeks later. Since march first I´ve got both in operation







Left side up behind the cooling plate is the hypex ucd 180 module , no switch power supply , have linear transformers instead, no op amps , current-cap solution was prefered by the italians



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& your autumn will be coming as soon as our spring gets here @Full Range!

Great LP, even this rocker loves it! Thanks for turning me onto it a few years ago!

The lady's name is Carla Bley and she makes it cool & eccentric!


@MicroMara darn I missed you by a couple hours. Glad you finally got both of them!

The monos look nice, but how are they hybrids?

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1 hour ago, Full Range said:

We are experiencing heat wave conditions here at moment 

So air conditioning is on and spinning some alternative jazz rock 


Artist - Nick Mason 

Title - Fictitious Games


Album ID -   https://www.discogs.com/release/3401294-Nick-Mason-Nick-Masons-Fictitious-Sports




Can't get my motor 

To start

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Alright George, the no power supply statement threw me off bad. Disregard that Q. Read about Class D when I got up a while ago. Already knew it took inefficient Class A and improved it greatly. So got to read about that M-9 does it use PWM or PDM?

If there's no switching at all those are some remarkable Italians!    "Sono Affamata"

RIP John P

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