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What I Got Today!


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Mint Pioneer SX-950, $100 now I just need to figure out how to get it from Washington state to Indiana...

Send it via Ithaca, NY. I will hold it for you until the next time I come to Indiana,

Just sent it via FedEx....crossing my fingers....Still looking for a 1250 for ya....

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Walked into BB and I just couldn't leave without it. Samsung PN64F8500, $1300 out the door.

You got some nice gear there in that pic. You should sell the rights to klipsch for it...I can see that on the klipsch.com opening page! Nice find and nice gear...

yeah...i had my eye on that chest too...kinda glad this time theres not eyes that i should be looking at instead :ph34r:

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Thanks everyone :)

Wow! What a difference a day makes....I hope your little one takes this day by storm and makes a difference for humanity for many lifetimes to come!

Big congratulations!! Its great that it sounds that all went well...

Blessings to you and your family!!!


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I had a 3" thick maple shelf made to serve as isolation for my turntable and discovered I didn't like the white wood contrast with all my walnut and rosewood. I ordered two more blocks to go between my subs and the VRDs on top of them to even out the color in the system. Today I got the 1/8" thick rosewood strips from Rocklers to make 1/2" wide inlays on the maple. I needed a smaller router to more easily cut the grooves for the inlay.

The router:


to cut into this (wish I had the know how to place the rosewood strips into the machined places in the maple that fit around the racks legs.


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Congrats Michael, you have to figure out what's causing that.

That was fixed immediately after the c-section ;)

I was selected to be the receiver of that procedure. Too late the Doc tells me that he injected Novocaine as a local. Just as the scalpel hit the boys my brain registered what he said.....Novocaine has no effect on me. OUCH!

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