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Pictures of your Tube Amplifiers


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6 hours ago, Schu said:

certainly there are very few on the used market... they rarely come up.


these just look so beautiful... I worry about the loss of LF range on a 2A3 design though.



I have looked at their amp offerings in the past. If I had deep pockets, I would also like to hear / try them (I don't). They pop up every now and then used but still to spendy for me. Long ago I quit trying to get low power SET to reproduce Bass. I only Bi-amp (for the last 15+ years or so) once you get the amps dialed in its a different animal. I know the VRD shine on bass. IMHO you will not find any low power SET amp to reproduce that kind / quality or bass regardless of parts used. You could always bi amp keeping the VRD on bass duty and SET up high. I did that a LONG time ago for a short spell, then I figured out I had 2K of amp on Bass duties (150 hz & below) &  that a cheapish SS amp could handle those duties.

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On 8/23/2021 at 8:07 PM, A1UC said:


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Had this built to go between my pre and SS amplifier using 01A tubes


I'm hugely confused... SS with 01A tubes? Schematic? I was just joking about a flea watt 01a push pull amplifier...

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2 hours ago, Subway said:

Awesome- have been eyeballing these. Watched Bob Carvers presentation and have visted site. What are your thoughts on amps performance?

Crimson 275 Stereo | bobcarvercorp.com


Honestly haven't had much time with it, doubt its even broke in yet-- have maybe 10 hours on it? A few days after it arrived I left town been gone two weeks now won't get back home until late tomorrow night. 


Initial impressions are very positive-- no tube "fluff" to speak of but very detailed and a bit deeper soundstage adding a little more realism to the sound. Bass is very strong, really wasn't expecting the bump in low end output. 


This amp is also extremely quiet, possibly the quietest amplifier I've ever owned. When no music is playing you can put your ear up to the speaker and cannot tell the stereo is on absolutely no hiss or anything, pretty amazing. 


When I get some more time with it I'll post some more pictures in a new thread and give a more in-depth review thanks.








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