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Corona Virus Disease/(SARS-CoV-2) II


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2 minutes ago, dtel said:

Well it was a joke, so there's that.  


They were talking about mutants, I considered it as crazies, a mutated normal person.


Not the same I know

Sorry, just get frosted with the gamesmanship of these folks.  They all are trying to fit their own narrative which drives me crazy.  Just tell the truth and let the consumer make the decision.  Best to just roll them all into a big ball.....

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Damn lies and statistics. ~50% of those testing positive for the Wuhan Virus in Canada reside in the Province of Quebec. This in spite that the population of 8.3 million, which is approximately double the population of Alberta and almost 60% of the population of Ontario. Most likely this reflects the fact that Alberta's population is an average of 5 years younger than that in Quebec (median age) and a relatively large number of those living in Quebec smoke or vape at greater daily rates (i.e. more cigarettes consumed per person/day). Like large areas of Europe some people seem to be unaware of cancer and it's relationship to smoking and other disease susceptibility.


See: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html 


And: https://www.statista.com/statistics/444816/canada-median-age-of-resident-population-by-province/


And: https://uwaterloo.ca/tobacco-use-canada/adult-tobacco-use/smoking-provinces



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