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Cannabis at Bargain Prices

Jeff Matthews

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On 1/8/2021 at 5:55 AM, Full Range said:

It’s good to have stocks 

But I prefer a truckload of the real stuff 

Invite a thousand Klipsch members and Party 🎉 

NSHSF stock is, hopefully, getting ready to bloom.  Be sure to post the time and date of the party !!.    

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23 hours ago, grasshopper said:

...on the upper end of the market, idiots are paying $25/seed....that is per ONE seed.


Seems a bit risky...what if the seed dies? 


Most grow operations clone their strains of plants.

Unless it's autoflower, which grows from seed, has a quick grow time from seed to flower, and is mostly grown on outdoor operations.

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Lot´s  of experts here LOL . In Germany, the use of canabis is officially prohibited. Permitted is the consumption only those who receive a prescription from their doctor due to illness. The canabis you can then get in the pharmacy, but must be self-financed because the health insurance don´t cover the cost. There are also no coffeeshops, as in the Netherlands where the consumption of canabis is legal, here in Germany. That's funny. Here forbidden and you are punished and an hour's car drive from here, completely legal.   


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1 minute ago, BigStewMan said:

is there a such thing as a short drive in a midwest winter?  I hate driving in the snow. spent five years living in michigan; but never became comfortable driving in that weather. 

Can you wait till spring...

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