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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Yes I’m a nerd Wink

I was looking at the pic trying to figure out what you were talking about, it really is toys. [:P]

Whatever makes you happy [Y] If I would have saved some of my toys when I was a kid with the boxes, they would be worth MUCH more now. But like most kids I trashed them. [:P]

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Here is a pic of my Klipsch Epic CF3 Theater. Truly a pleasure to listen to. The grills are off just so you all know they are Epics. They are on the rest of the time. Lets see I f I can load a pic properly with my Mac.


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The epics are version 1's for those that are interested. Here is how it looked at night with the Ps3 displaying earth scenes while Dark side of the moon was playing. I have since replaced the ps3 and the Oppo 980 for the Oppo 93. Truly a minimalist sound system now, with only 4 pieces doing everything, except for the playing of records of course.


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Ps3 plays games of course... So not a good comparison

i guess i didnt realize thats what the ps3 was also able to do when i purchased it on release... fortunately enough i wont be playing games on an oppo but instead debating if its time to use one for the aspect of playing movies and how they would directly relate against the ps3s other noteable ability to play bluray movies, so im guessing there might be a comparison seeing they can do many of the same functions

mainly interested in the differences in picture quality, sound quality, load times, and any other major functions between the 83/se 93/95 that make one or another a good choice at their price points

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The PS3 and the Oppo are both great players. I think their Blu-ray playback is pretty comparable in regards to picture, sound quality and load times, though the PS3 may load a bit faster. The Oppo has an impressive build quality and has a very simple set-up. I got it mainly as a way to replace 2 pieces with one. The fact that the Oppo plays all the hi-res discs that I have- DVD-Audio and SACD's plus its Blu-ray function and Netflix connectivity, made it worth the upgrade.

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